Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Prints Charming

Last week I was invited to a dinner party at the incredible home of Kelly Wearstler. I had a blast spending time with my beautiful blogger friends and meeting Kelly who was super sweet and gracious! Here are a few photos of what I wore...
Wearing a 70s Lanvin dress from Shareen, Ray-ban sunglasses, YSL clutch, Giuseppe Zanotti pumps, and vintage bakelite earrings.


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Lucy said...

Love this outfit! Lucy THE PINK CARPET www.lucy-fashionteacher.blogspot.com (NEW GIVEAWAY ONLINE NOW!!!)

itsawant said...

Love the yellow with the blue nail contrast! Thanks for sharing!


joy said...

wow very nice

Lily said...

the pumps are maj. awesome look.

fancy [no]pants

Kara said...

Lovely dress!

Cindy said...

this outfit is just lovely!! :D btw that last pic= GORGEOUS.


canvasofculture said...

woah so stunning. the colors here are beautiful!


theprettydish.com said...

In love with the print, you wear it well! Super chic. www.theprettydish.com

Anonymous said...

too chunky legs...great looks wich are better on a modelly type...

harps said...

the shoes are divine! I love toe-capped shoes.

Théa Unknown said...

Your dress are gorgeous!

Théa Unknown

ALEX said...

Does anyone know what specific Ray-Ban sunglasses are these? i want them so bad!!

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