Thursday, December 17, 2009


Sorry for taking extra time to announce the winner of the Coach Kristin zip top tote- was super busy traveling and finishing up finals at school. So, without further ado....


Thanks to everyone who entered, promise to have more giveaways in the future!


Wikifashion and Lola said...

That's probably the craziest bolero I've ever seen :) Hope your exams went well!

Helen said...

how about next time.. international bloggers are also eligible? =D

helen x

mimi_style said...

OMG! Karla, thank you sooo much! I am BEYOND excited!


rebecca said...

aww darn.

congrats mimi_style! :)

Melanie M said...

Sad face. :(

Damsels said...

wow shes so lucky

glad to hear you'll have more ...

Fashionista said...

congrat to mimi-style!!!

mom & son said...

its a good christmas present!
congrats to her and to me
better luck next time.

Anonymous said...

It's "without further ado" hun, not adieu...

Johanna - said...

Congratulations to mimi style!

Jen said...

i love her face in that picture :)
congrats to the winner. i'm insanely jealous :)

Camilla said...

That photo is awesome!

The Owl's Closet said...

congrats to the winner! so lucky!!:D

LA BURRITA VIEJA magazine said...

Hola Karla!

EI Hope you like our Vintage shop!!

A lot of kisses,

La burrita vieja

HADAR said...

she's lucky! congrats mimi :)

Daisy said...

Really love your blog, it is completely different to the millions of fashion blogs around, you have great style.
You have inspired me to start my own blog.

K said...

she's a lucky duck :( congrats to the winner though!

verseastyle said...

Congrats Mimi_style!!! I will check your blog out soon!

prashant said...

it is completely different to the millions of fashion blogs around, you have great style.

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victoriadiazs said...

love at picture!
and congrats to the winner.

Gon said...

Congraaats mimi!


harps said...

oohh gloves, a shrug? me likey

Jacqueline said...

Congrats Mimi!

cupcake♥trash said...

congrats to the winner!

Georgia said...

Damn, thats bright
It would be mine

Is This Real Life? said...

wow that is such a beautiful picture the pink and black are so striking against each other!

HAL said...

Lucky winner! Cute bag. Congrats!!

kimee said...

congratss to her
love your blog btw

rhai♥laborte said...

Wow!!! Lucky girl!


rhai♥laborte said...

Btw, congrats Mimi!


rehabzsfrssh said...

agreed =.)

sexyinthecity said...

Fabulous bolero, it's just amazing!!

mimi_style said...

thanks for all the congrats <3 and for everyone who has checked out my blog! 'presssssshiate ya ;)


Isabelle said...

Always so damn nice pictures on your blog. I really love it. But I love it more to see you in the photos. Pretty girl ;) :)

Lolitta said...

Congratulations lucky girl!!

Tiffany said...


Kiwi said...

wow im not a fan of pink but that dress is pretty!!

ana said...

Loved it

Jen said...

So, this is going to be lame, but oh well. My friend and I just started a blog, and it'd be great if you could check it out. Just a little shameless self-promotion, haha.

xox, Jenny

Initials.CC said...

Superbe !

Luchi*cha said...

Awwww this is painful!!!! You have to do some contest to include ur international readers (specially venezuelan ones, like myself).

I loved that bag and ur style!!! U're trully and inspiration!

Im about to launch my own fashion line, so could be great sharing it with u!!!

Happy Holidays!!!

PS: Im always checking out ur photos and leaving some secret love (no comments, tho) hehehe


the girl in grey said...

Congrats. Ah-mazing bag.

Kristine said...

Love this look!!! you are so cute!

prashant said...

wow im not a fan of pink but that dress is pretty!!
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BobAnderson said...

look like a beautiful your fashion make me mad or crazy my love Naat.

morena said...


Dina-Dyorre said...

ohhh wow, wish I knew about this giveaway! I don't follow any blogs on bloglovin or anything so I always seem to miss out on stuff like that, not that it matters because your posts are awesome enough as it is!

Ohh and you're more than welcome to enter my giveaway (not quite as big as a Coach bag, I must confess XD) on my blog!

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Jewellery Maven said...

spectacular, simply spectacular.

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