Monday, June 1, 2009


I don't believe I've ever done a post on some of my favorite blogs, mostly because I was being selfish and didn't really want to share them with anyone else (just kidding), but since some of you have emailed/commented asking about the kind of blogs I read on a daily basis, I figured today (another camera-less evening) would be a perfect time to share my secrets with you.

An awesome assortment of inspiring photo collages... I really love looking at photos and such.

Super superb (I like the way that sounds) street style blog.

I love her blog a lot- she designs almost all her clothes and even makes her own hang tags. Not to mention the fact that she talks about food... not that I can cook or anything. 

Having the ridiculous shoe fetish I have, this blog is like heaven. It's all about shoes!

Another street style blog that started up recently- Jason really knows how to capture the essence of the fashionably people he photographs.

I've always admired Kanye's style and his ability to wear crazy pieces with confidence. His personal blog is a compilation of things like music, furniture, art and fashion.

My other favorite photo collage blog. She's really talented with the whole "creating collages" thing and the ones she creates are always inspirational and pretty. 

Let me know if you guys have found any pictorial blogs or interior design blogs please! 

- Karla


Anonymous said...

this is a good list of blogs!

I just wanted to say that I've always loved your blog ever since you started a year ago. I was recently looking back at your older posts and noticed how different you dress now. Your current style is more outrageous and not as chic and simple as before. I miss the old way you dressed. now, sometimes I wonder how you step out of the house in your outfits. sigh.

erin said...


just wanted to tell you that i have read your blog since the early days of its existence and it has always been great. i enjoy seeing what splendid combination you come up with next.


NICOLE said...

is a great blog for interior design!!! loves it and your blog

yul said...

the perfect place to look for inspirational photos of interior design, art and lovely things.
maybe you allready know it, but here it is just in case.


abrazos desde peru

hrh_cesc said...

Thanks for the informative post.

PS: Kanye is total rockstar!


eleni said...

thankkk you! i'm always on the search for amazing blogs to read :)

Maria Llanos said...

nice list!
if you want to see more collages more in the art deparment take a look at my blog. I just started it last week :)

i love your blog! i've been reading it for about a year now :)

Tamstyles said...


Tamstyles said...

agathine said...

well... it's a little bit egencentric but I would be glad if you look at my drawings-pictures blog...
Hope you will like it...
Have a sunny day

Tamstyles said...

and again..

all great design plus more!

Zarna said...

thanks for the suggestions - im about to check them out!

check out my new blog wearing a sari :)


Damsels said...

i agree bou bou is good
We Were Damsels

Ezra said...

thank you!

Genevieve said...

Shoe Lust is a daily read for me as well! xo

Brigadeiro said...

What a great list! I love Phil's work with Street Peeper's, and only discovered Citizen Couture yesterday, when Jason sweetly left a comment on my blog.

Am now off to check out luxirare, sounds like a blog I'll love, food AND fashion? Love it already! :)

Anonymous said...


Delmy said...

I love Kanyes and Bou Bou Teatime's blog

Lara Natascha said...

wow lovely blogs darling!
a wonderful blog:

and i would be happy if you take a second look on my blog. i hope you like it...

Anonymous said...

Hello Karla!
Another good pictorial blog is YOURBOYHOOD.COM. Street Peeper uses his pictures for Seoul and I find it enjoyable to look at his photos and such . (:
Also the blog has really a one of a kind shots from Seoul and Tokyo.

Enjoy! ps I love your blog - very much.

Amateur Fashionist said...

And maybe one they I'll be the one of them...;)

JT said...

another good blog is :


jk, that's my blog, Julie loves your blog, so do I.

keep up the good work!

Tamstyles said...

Karla what are you wanting to decorate! Come hang with us in the Interior blog has style as well, but more dressy..

Anonymous said...

Hi Karla,
Like your blog.
I always read;
It is super nice, with lots of inspiring old and beautiful photos:) Hope you like it as much as i do...

Karnikova said...

hehehe feel free to check out mine at ;)

love your blog

La Coccinelle du Sud said...

Good choices. Citizen Couture<3

ClaudiaM said...

Thanks for the list***

Anonymous said...

I am constant;y entertained and amazed by this interior design blog:

Hope you enjoy it!!

petitya said...

TheGlamorousEccentric said...

i love kanye's blog. i just did a post asking what people's favorite blogs were and i was amazed at how many new sites were brought to my attention. i feel like starting to blog just gave me access to this whole new world of inspiration not previously available through fashion magazines.

Ashley said...

Great picks. I love luxirare too..she's got style and talent like nobody's business.

tess said...

everyone loves barbie!

boubou said...

aww thank you karla :) ! these are so adorable words about me :) !
Merci merci merci !! :) !

Boubou xx

Anonymous said...

Jane's (sea of shoes) mom has a cool interior design blog. I think it's called Atlantis.

La Chauve-Souris said...

oh you posted such a cool list!!!! Boubou is the best not only because shes my friend...but shes so commited to her work she outragously deserve it!!

and luxirare is a master piece of perfection also

Im gonna start making a interior design part on my blog very soon btw..

bonne nuit

Whitney Gray said...

i am enamored.

Johanna said...

Great blogs! =)

The Stylemaster said...

check out:

It is quite like Blog de Mode, but more feminine.

Mimi said...

Blogger lists are always great.
I discover nearly everyday 100 cool blogs.

Barbara said...

check out design*sponge and this young house for interior design related stuff.

Ally said...

I love


pangea said...

those blogs are right....



Natalie said...

Karla, I love your blog! Since you requested, my favorite design blog is:

Also, just did a post about photography blogs to check out, since you are interested.

Also, you can always check out my new blog at

E said...

I'm so glad you posted these. Some of these I haven't read before!

Cindy Khor said...

thanks for the links. i'm going to check them out, although i'm not really into photography or collage...

Lexie said...

kanye's blog is amusing, but i cannot handle the ALL CAPS POSTS lol.

FASHIONconfectionairy said...

My favorite photo blog is, it has great inspirational photos! I can't deal with Kanye's all CAPS either.

Eva Ana said...

i must say i dont like this blog list. i dont find none of the links inspiring. BUT!- when i want to rest my eyes i check out luxirare. its like walking into a shop so expensive, people think youre trash if you wear haute couture.

anyway. my list of blogs is...colourful :D
i find it interesting that we dont wear the same things

Heavenly Hummingbird said...

i think all the links are's always good to find blogs ive never ran favorite out all of them is shoe lust!!! i've even seen some of my shoes i own on there!!

Nizam said...

Great choices!!

For interior design I like and

I also like
for a little bit of everything (including food)

F i K a said...

hi Karla..
what a lovely blog..

love Ur style :)
thx for sharing those bloglist..For me those list are very inspiring :)..

cheers !! :)

Cristin said...

Karla, I love your blog!

In terms of design, some of my favorites:

lisa said...

check out my new blog - just copy and paste this into google:

thanks for writing kara!!!

LacyLady said...

Design Sponge is great, I check it every day, always inspiring!
Abs x

Martha said...

Thanks for sharing Karla!

Anonymous said...

C'est pas mal en effet. Cela dit ton blog est trés bien aussi.

Meream said...

I second those who suggested DesignSponge. :D

Silje said...

Thanks for good tips!=)

Anonymous said...

Amazing image blog:

Yours is one I check on a daily basis!

youarewhoyouwear said...

thanks so much! :) You're great!!

M said...

This is a great post. If I were to pick my favorite blogs you would be the top of my list.I've been through all of your archives since I started reading. I really like the sound of luxirare- food and clothes!

Lor said...

In France this is probably the most famous for fashion/photos/drawings etc. :

Citizen Couture said...


Many thanks for putting me up on your list. You have just made my day. :)

Keep up with the great work!


Kathy said...

BouBou Teatime is an awesome blog, i really love it.

Tip said...

I must say you would be on the top of my blog list for style I most admire!!

kirstyb said...

I have given you a blog award on my blog xoxoxo

Is This Real Life? said...

Love kanyes blog too!
Awesome list of blogs i'l def. check them out!

mir said...

great design blog:

Annabel said...

aww yay, thanks for featuring my friends' blog shoelust! well, technically i'm a member too but i just don't post as often ;D

Marcus said...

Don't forget that Shoe Lust is for boys, too!

visionaire said...

also love kanyes blog every now and then!
his style is good for sure!!

Niviarsiaq said...

I always go here for inspiration-
mostly editorial stuff
outfit shots with lots of editorials
I'm sure you've probably seen this one, lots of DIYs, music etc.
outfit pictures and some editorial stuff, very lovely
previously Almah H, just an outfit blog but the pictures are so beautiful!
A really great streetsyle blog I've been reading for a while
and here are two you might not be too interested in but they both have some great vintage-y pictures and style:
ok, sorry that was so long!

Yuka said... for japanese streetfashion

Anonymous said...

I have always loved signe's blog, not only does she look fab she posts such great emotive pictures. Check it out -

Summer said...

Great list o blogs.=) Thanks for sharing.

A Writers Den
The Brown Mestizo

Clau said...

wowwwwwww i love your blog and the way you look every day....but share your secrets with us!!!! that was so are the best

Anonymous said...

Salut! I've been reading your blog since the get go - toujours fantastiques! Thank you for sharing so generously! In gratitude and appreciation, I would like to share what you requested a few blogs earlier:

On my current playlist - titled Darling 70
Monitor/ Ximena Sarinara
Ha Uma Musica de Povo/ Mariza
Elisa/ Jane Birkin
Jamais Je ne t'ai Dit/ Helena Noguerra
Gling Glo/Bjork
Detlef Schrempft/Band of Horses
Mistaneek/ Natacha Atlas
The Fear/ Lily Allen
Lovegame/ Lady Gaga
Whatever you Like/ TI
Oxford Comma/ Vampire Weekend
War Torn/Nicole Atkins
Champion/ Buju Banton

bits and pieces of lots of things, i truly hope you like it -- or atleast some of it. Thanks for all your wonderful posts and super-fantastique-style!

galaxie garandel

Nee said...



grace said...

remodelista, design-milk, hatch, design for mankind, apartment therapy, decor8, design sponge, freshome.. those are my faves!

Alexandria said...

wow... more blogs to entertain myself with..

Please check out my ebay store..

I am selling wonderful vintage pieces..

Anonymous said...

wow you are super pretty. and i like how you dont just fit in the classic cookie cutter mold of skinny, skinny girls with long blonde hair. btw, when was the last time someone told you that you look like kiera knightly?? cuz you do! so much haha

Style Gazing said...

wow~! i went to look at boubou tea time and her collages are fabulous!

ELLEN said...

I use

ELLEN said...

Oh and

John said...

My favorites:
Yours (it's new) (french)

Have a nice day

Breeahna said...

I would say that your blog is one of my favourites, along with that girl has some blazers I'm looking to theive.

Helena said...

not sure if this counts as a blog, but i mean seriously, look at the chair !

Jack Daniel said...

I can not believe you didn´t mention


And also

for pictures. :)

jill said...

for interiors:
my new(ish) friend MK's new(ish) lovely blog:
(Palm Beach)

& my other fabulous friend Abi's:

for photography: would it be immodest to humbly submit my own?

Today happens to be the first time I've seen your blog but I've seen your name on other friends' blogs - I love it & am adding it to my 'nice things' list!

many thanks

Monse said...

you speak spanish? cause i guess my english is not that good! haha
me senti identificada con lo de selfish por didn't really want to share your favorite blog! sometimes i feel that way.. i don't want to share my favorite blogs either.. ok.. love your blog
and i'm starting with mine again..
besooos :)


polka dot (Jill Carin Adams) said...

p.s. For interiors, you've probably seen this already - my friend Abigail Ahern is on it - it's maybe technically a site but it's bloggish in feel & so wonderful:


Mariona - Elle Magazine said...

Thanks Karla !!!

Kelley Anne said...

Thanks so much! I'm always looking to new blogs for inspiration...its nice to know what you like to read:)

Tinky Minky said...

I lobe boubou teatime blog! :-)

LuxiRare said...

ahh you're so sweet karla! I was wondering wtf was going on with my page tracker, all of a sudden last night I had 5,000 hits...HAHAH ITS because you just listed my blog.

Fashionista* said...

tnx for sharing with us

S.I.Q. said...

thanks for posting them!! very interesting!

-collections inspired by art
-amazing not well known designers

Kelly!!! said...

My favorite inspiration blog is La Carmina!

She posts the craziest and most beautiful photos of Harajuku style. Carmina does articles about modern Rococo furniture, Gothic art, music and a lot more... I visit her site every day!!!

Anonymous said...

Ever check out to shop? if you don't already, i'd bet you'd love it.

Tamstyles said...

karla said...

anon9:02: i guess my style has evolved? or perhaps i’ve just become a bit more daring and bold with my fashion choices? either way, thanks for reading the blog!!

anon10:43: checked it out- my boyf loves it now hahaa

JT: hahaa, love Julie’s blog, def a daily read

the stylemaster: thanks for the recommendation! loved it!!

lexie: hahaha i know! and he always say “CLICK HERE FOR MORE PICS”... funny

citizen courture: no prob jason!

marcus: of course... perfect blog for any shoe whore


anon6:37: love “7” by Prince ;)

anon8:23: aw thank you! and yes i’ve been told i look like keira before!

jack daniel: julia’s shoe collection is amazingg- thanks for the link

monse: hahaah nadie me cree cuando les digo que hablo espanol! gracias por visitar mi blog <3

luxirare: aw really?! that’s so awesome :)

anon5:01: ahhhh why did you share that link with me... i am now having a difficult time holding back from purchasing things! ;)

Leigh said...

All great blogs!!!!

Noelle Chantal said...

Great set of your fave blogs, Karla! I'm going to check again this blogs, I'm loving the Shoe Lust! thanks for sharing this one. Truly inspirational blogs!

And guess what, I'm recommending my blog to you. haha! It's a blog of photography + beach + outfits constantly inspired by nature. hehe come visit my site if you have time! hehe :)

caro. said... is one of my favorite food/lifestyle blogs. it's run by this amazing couple from brooklyn who own a baked goods business and do graphic design. plus, they have ADORABLE children!

kelly said...

miss karla, sounds simple but you should check out and create your own high tops. from the color to the material it's pretty sick. plus you know your feet could use a break woman! the best part, you wont have to sacrifice one bit of style.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for shoelust it is definitely lust worthy!!!
And I see everyone loves luxirare!!!

I can recommend you a nice new image blog.

It's pretty nice.

iart said...

I have two very nice design/tech blogs and two pacaging blogs that I adore: (in french)

And there is also

Anonymous said...
if it doesn't work, click enter once again

Constance-Victoria said...

If you have the time take a look at my new blog!

drollgirl said...

hey! thanks for the tips! i have added many of these to my blog roll, as you have great taste and the look wonderful!

Maria Ellis Sitorus said...

hey karla..i love love your style..we share the same fashion taste..

i'm from jakarta/indonesia and i would like to introduce you one fashion'll love the photes..

used to be online magz, but due to a rising demand, they have the printed one as well..u can download some too..

please open, won't regret any!

much love


Kate said...

I found this very nice:


Thanks you for a great list of blogs! it made my evening very inspiring :)

JM said...

Me encanta tu blog, siempre lo leo, mi blog es de diseño de interiores, lighting, arquitectura, arte y moda,
También tengo una sección con las chicas de los blog de moda que sigo, tu también estás entre ellas.

Jamie said...

Thank you so much! You're the best!

Diana said...

Hei, Karla!

What do you think of It's more of a "no comment" street style website.
I can't wait to hear your opinion.

sa said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.

prashant said...

i enjoy seeing what splendid combination you come up with next.

Work from home India

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