Sunday, March 22, 2009

Live Fancy

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I leave for Europe on Tuesday and I'm so excited! Throughout this weekend, certain situations have proven that I really suck at packing . My best friend fit everything perfectly in her MEDIUM sized suitcase while I frantically struggled to cram all of my crap in an EXTRA LARGE suitcase that could probably double as a damn refrigerator... how pathetic.

Should be posting while abroad... Oh by the way- any restaurants, shops, vintage boutiques, etc you recommend while in Paris/Florence/Rome?

Wearing vintage fringed scarf, Levi's, Steve Madden metallic strap heels, vintage tweed coat, F21 satin cobalt blue clutch


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Anonymous said...

im glad that you realize you've been posting sporadically, but i hope you do well on your final!!
love this outfit so much. you look divine. have a great time in europe! wow!!

Fashionista said...

I swear I have been checking your blog every our on the hour 4 a new post I love love love ur blog!!!!

ps. who takes ur pics?? amazing quality.

amanda said...

will you post pictures of your best friend? i wonder what she looks like and especially what she dresses like!

modern antoinette said...

I love the pop of color with the blue satin clutch. Amazing outfit again!

Good luck on your final tomorrow!
Oh! and I suck at packing

Dr. Debonaire said...

You look adorable! I love the shoes!

Anonymous said...

riso (rice) gelato at vivoli in florence. its tucked away in a small alley but amazing. i hope you packed some comfy shoes!

Denise said...

have a great escapade in Europe dear. Am sure it's gonna be sooo exciting and fun.

enjoy enjoy and God bless.

eleni said...

i loveloveLOVE your style! your shoes are amazing!
have fun in europe! post lots of pics!

gilty pleasure said...

love the shoes!

Kim said...

That cost is perfection!

Good luck on that final :)

em linda said...

your vintage finds are always so great!

so i've only been to europe once and not for long but i'll try..

paris: i only went for 2 days but loved champs elysees. there was a store in there named le 66 (?) that has absolutely great pieces!

rome, i just went last month but i forgot where i went shopping..all i can remember is at the main train station, if you go right outside, there are a BUNCH of shoe shops, which i guess is normal for italy anyway. nonetheless, very cute items!

well have a safe flight and hope you well out there!!

pomegranate season said...

Look up a gelato place called Amorino when you're in Paris. They have a few shops around the city, but go to the one in the Latin Quarter, near St. Michel fountain, because that is an amazing neighborhood, and the gelato is HEAVENLY.

And also, if you keep walking down that road past Amorino in the latin quarter, you'll eventually see this little alley on your left that looks just like Diagon Alley, and has the most wonderful vintage store. Sorry I can't be more help. It's been a few years since I've been there.

alissa said...

those shoes and jeans are awesome together. and the coat looks very cozy. If youre in rome on a weekend hit the trastevere market - huge flea market that goes on forever, crazy mix of things.

yocelin said...

In Paris you must go to the marc jacobs store at PLACE DU MARCHÉ SAINT HONORÉ, there are very nice and totally affordable bags, shoes, clothes, blah :-), and oh well, you must go to colette, which is also a very trendy store for parisians, which is also in RUE SAINT HONORÉ.
I also remember there's a very nice and cheap vint boutique near the ORLY museum, but i don't remember the name of the store.
Have a great time in Paris!!!
Ohhh and don't forget to go to the Centre Pompidou!

syd vicious said...

Europe, how fun! That is a great jacket too btw :)

The Stylish Wanderer said...

super love to the cobalt clutch

I Like Stuff said...

I'm sure you're already aware of this, but you MUST visit the leather market in rome. You'll definitely walk away with at least 2 fine grain leather handbags for around 50 bucks. I still have a bright cherry red slouchy carryall that I got while traveling there when I graduated from college. Have fun! I'm so jealous!

chekka cuomova said...

try Marais at Paris (recommended by another fashion blog I religiously read). however, I'm sure you'll buy lotsa good vintage finds!

bon voyage, cherie!

Arielle said...

i love the tweed jacket!! i dream of europe :)

thefatandskinnyonfashion said...

I hope you do well on your final. Your outfits are always so good. You never have a dry day.

Lainey said...

you look amazing as always!!! Have a great time in Europe. Since I have never been I can't really recommend anything, but I'm sure you're going to wow everyone while abroad!!

carizma_jones said...

Hey there! I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE your blog and your style. You inspire me to be more experimental with fashion. My goal: 4 inches or more! Have fun in Europe!!!

Brie said...

Enjoy Europe!

Love the sandals in these photos. I have a similar coat.

Michelle said...

I love this outfit! :)

Did you just color your hair? It looks darker, but very lovely.

You should pack the essentials only. Don't forget to keep us posted :)

Brigadeiro said...

Ooh! So jealous! Would love to be in Europe right now! I only have a few recommendations:

Paris - Dries Van Noten boutique (just too beautiful), shops on St Germain Boulevard and surrounding areas, especially Marais. Restaurants: Chez Omar near the Bastille, delicious & hearty Algerian food (when you need a break from French food), as well as crepes in Montmartre or Montparnasse.

Rome: La Baffetto near Piazza Navona is legendary..the pizza's are just 2D4! Shopping near the Spanish steps is amazing (and not just the main designer stores, but the boutiques in the little surrounding streets).

Hope you have a blast!

The Fabulous Girl said...

you are so lucky to go europe. i am very jelous...
i have to say how much i love your blog Karla. your style is amazing. everything seems so effortless.I wish I could be as effortless as u.
I think i discovered your blog last week.. duh... took me a while and have been obssesed ever since. I have read every single post since the begining.
U rock!


That clutch goes beautifully with this outfit. Have fun on your travels darling x

The Laziness Crew said...

Hello Karla!
If you want a free tour of paris, I know goods places for the eyes, goods vintage boutiques, and goods(and cheaps) places to eat!!
Seriously!feel free to mail me...It could be fun!...I also could be fun..

katherinelou said...

omg !
your coat is adorable !

hope you have fun in paris, florence, & rome !
i can't wait to see photos =)

Cristina B said...

I feel as though this will be totally useless, but I was recently in Paris and did some great vintage shopping. There is this place called Le Bon Marche {24, rue de Sèvres 75007 Paris - France} - which is near Luxembourg Gardens for reference - and around there are some great vintage shops. (Le Bon Marche is just sort of a reference to the area). I have been searching on Google Map and I cannot find the street name, but really it's ridiculous, such great stuff. It's sort of a back road with many vintage shops. Ask around, some people may help you.

Another place you MUST MUST MUSTTTTT go to is Lola Melendez' shop. She is a little local designer who speaks some English so you should be fine with her. Her stuff is to say the absolute LEAST absolutely fucking amazing. It's expensive, I'll give you that, but worth EVERY penny. Seriously, you will regret missing this store. The stuff is to die for. Address: 44, rue de sicile 75004 Paris - Phone number: 01 42 77 85 95.
You would absolutely die after you see her stuff because your credit card will be maxed out.

Now if you continue around the are of Lola's shop you will find quite possibly one of the best and best hidden shopping areas in all of Paris. The stuff there is amazing. Little shop after little shop. Prices range from freakin' amazing to very slightly expensive. You MAY find one or two pretty expensive stores, but for the most part it's kinda like the $100 range or so.

As for restaurants, don't follow those guides. Walk around, see which restaurants are absolutely packed and you know you have a winner. Never, and I mean NEVER, go into a restaurant that has not many people there. Don't tell yourself that it may be just a slow time, or maybe they're new. In Paris, if you're good, you're packed. If you're bad, well enough said.

I can get some names of specifics from this little card file I keep, but I don't have it with me. If you need them you can just e-mail me.

Have a great time, Paris is the most spectacular city in the world. Enjoy it!

Isabell said...

in Paris: adorable little vintage stores:
"Yukiko" 97 rue Vielle du Temple, 4éme Arrondissement(tuesday-saturday, 13-19h)

"Catherine Arigoni" (Vinatge Couture) 14 rue Beauine, 7éme Arrondissement (tuesday-saturday, 14:30-19:30h)

"Lili Perpink" 22 rue la Vieuville,18éme Arrondissement (Vintage & cute pieces from Japan, tuesday-saturday, 14:30-19:30h)

"Shadé´" 63 rue des st.-Péres 6éme Arrondissement(monday-saturday, 11-19:30h)

You should also go to "Les Halles"(metrostation). There are lots of cheap-looking stores called "fashion in" or sth. You can find there beautiful shoes for like 20€ per pair but some of them look like designer shoes.

Anonymous said...

i just found your blog (silly me) and i love it! i've been going back a few pages and absolutely adore your style....and all of your tattoos rock!! so hardcore/still pretty....anyway i love your blog :p

Laura MW said...

Loving the look, as per usual. I saw someone wearing your tortoise-shell perspex cut out heels yesterday! Love them.
Also, the 'news cafe' in Rome is amazing - try their freshly suqeezed orange juice!

Ziling said...

I want to visit Paris!! Anyway have fun over there and goodluck for your finals!

diamondsinchampagne said...

LOVE those heels, and the colour of that clutch!

fashionlauncher said...

I always overpack in a XL suitcase :) The clue is to 'underpack' in a huge suitcase so that you can fill it up by shopping at your destinations!
Good luck on your finals and enjoy the vacation. Hope you will post while in Europe!

Anna Pope said...

Have a great time on your trip! Those shoes are awesome!

Shin said...

Wow! Europe! Have fun! Love the color of your clutch, so pretty!

Aurelia said...

If you're in Paris, you must check out the Ladurée Cafe on Champs Elysées. It's amazing. So amny pastries to choose from and lovely cafe settings. The lady from Louis Vuitton told me to visit it and I am so glad I listened!

Ladurée Champs Elysées
75, avenue des Champs Elysées - 75008 Paris

Elouise said...

I Love This Outfit :)

Idee Fixe said...

Best of luck with your finals! And have a lovely European holiday! I know of a fabulous hotel, Hotel Longchamp (I wrote a reveiw on called "Paris' Hidden Gem") inexpensive, great area, and the manager Marc can't do enough to help you out (his rec's are always spot on.) I didn't get to do any thrift shopping, but have a list as we're planning a few days this summer. I'm not sure if all are thrift shops, some might be consignment and the last one is a flea market. I'll list them in case you happen to be in any of these areas and want to check them out:

Reciproque, 88-123 Rue de la Pompe, 16th Arrondissment, Metro: Pompe, tel: 01 47 04 82 24

Chercheminippes, 102-111 Rue du Cherche-Midi, 6th A., Metro: Duroc, tel: 01 45 55 97 96

Les 3 Marches de Catherine B, 1 Rue Ruisarde, 6th A., Metro: Mabillon, tel: 01 43 54 74 18, website:

Didier Loudot, 20/24 Galerie Montpensier (in the Palais Royale), 1 st A., Metro: Palais Royale, tel: 01 42 96 06 56

Kiliwatch, 64 Rue Tiquetonne, 2nd A., Metro: Place Clichy, tel: 01 53 42 31 31

Marche Aux Puces, Metro: Porte de Clignancourt, open Sat-Mon

PS I have you linked on my blog! And have a butter and sugar crepe for me -- they are so good, even from the street vendors!

Karen said...

very jealous of your trip, have an amazing time!!
i love your silver steve madden shoes, they are fabulous
- Karen

Natalie said...

omg i love those silver steve madden shoes! this outfit is so chic!

Lauren said...

why are you going to Europe? and this outfit is fabulous, very nice

Susu said...

Hello from Paris!

Check out restaurant Chez Papa while in here, also go shopping on rue de Rennes. Welcome - bienvenue! Maegan said...

I love the bursts of color ...from your clutch to your toe nails. perfection.

{remember that you will most likely be shopping in Europe ...this will help you scale back on your packing}

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

i ' ve already sent u an e -mail last week!feel free to
contact me while you are in florence!!
Enjoy Europe!!!it will be fantastic!:)...and lot of shopping!!


ab'glam said...

Hi Karla:

I have a lot of adresses in Paris, I have send it to you by email so you can print it.


Anonymous said...

good luck with your finals tomorrow! hope you're enjoying your stay in europe - florence, paris and rome are absolutely amazing! would love to have time for a vacation break as well, but I'm very busy with uni. I think I spare my tipps, you seem to be getting a lot anyways ;) next time you got to come to berlin as well, check out

for inspiration. it's like the german version of the sartorialist. :)

btw looking lovely in jeans and the clutch has the most beautiful color!


Tinny Truc said...

Gorgeous shoes as always! I particularly love the flashy touchs of the nailpolish and the blue clutch bag! ^^ Lovely!

C a t r i n a said...

I love this outfit soso much!
Really chic and stunning:)

Sushi said...

I love, love, love this outfit on you x

leftontheground said...

Those jeans look wicked.
We want to see the best friend!

TheMinx said...

make sure your check out the marches aux puces (flea markets) in Paris, they have the best ones on Sundays. You'll be able to find really gorgeous vintage clothing and accessories. Have a fun trip!!

KEREN said...

What an adorable coat ! Awesome, insanely high shoes as well. And don't stress it, I'm sure you'll do great on the finals. :)

Lorituela said...

Shoes are awesome!
Is it cold there now? In Spain we're having this lovely temperature, it's sunny and hot outside :D
EUROPE?It's a pitty you don't come to Spain, there are lots of vintage stores.
Any way have fun!

Love the outfit^^

(SOrry about my english, i should improve it a little bit)


Come and vote!

Emmet said...

Florence: few factory outlets selling Prada, Gucci, Bally, any Italian brand at very cheap price. Check your self!

France: There are few factory out Paris outskirt. Take the train to Disneyland. The factory out is sitting between paris train st and Disneyland

Rome: Nothing much...enjoy Vatican n Coleseum

enjoy your holidays!!take care!

The Gatherer said...

Love it, you're so fabulous! Regarding Paris, if you can find it, La Petite Rose Patisserie is THE best we found, so quaint - and gorgeous cakes! Its on the back streets fairly near the Champs Elysees - if memory serves it was something like Bvd De Courcelles...good luck!

Fashion Tidbits said...

eeeeeee!!!!!!!!! lucky lucky you!!!!

Viola said...

OMG! What a beautiful pair of shoes!!!
Compliments for your outfit!

Anonymous said...

hey ! i'm from france and truly adore your blog, if you go to paris, please you have to go to this amazing restaurants : Bound and Ozu (japanese for the second one)there are so many other incredible ones but i'm going blank now. I'll keep thinking. cheers


Carla said...

Hi!!!I'm Carla from Rome! I follow your blog every day!I never left a message but I kind of have to since you're coming here in rome and I'd love to give some shopping advice! well, first of all, you must go and check all the beautiful shops in VIA DEL GOVERNO VECCHIO... witch is in the historic center of Rome (and I'm sure you got a good map of the city so it won't be difficult for you to find it!) anyway it is near the vatican!! there are such amazing vintage shops!infact the street is famous since the 60' for the best vintage shopping!!
another place I recommend you to visit is the market of PORTA PORTESE that is also easy to find on a map and that you can visit only on sunday! it is a real market in the old sense of the word, so you can find all type of things like forniture, clothes, jewellery! and obiouvsly a lot of great vintage things!! I use to go there every sunday or so and I always get to find very good things for a VERY low price (which is also awesome isn't it?!)
my last advice is: watch your bag constantly!!it is always full of people and confusion and it's very common to be robbed!
I'm sure you'll have an exciting holyday!!if you need any other question...I'm here!!kisses

Lab hobbit said...

Check out the market in Florence not far from the cathedral and main shopping areas, its renouned for its leather, it does take a while to sift through the souvenir type stuff though!

Bronte. said...

you look casual and effortless and chic

*why* are you not coming to london? eh?

good luck on your final!

Christine said...

I've been to Italy loads of times and used to live there. Over 21 years I've been to many a gelateria and I'd say the best one I've been to recently is GROM in Turin (especially as I don't like chocolate icecream and many of the famous places I went to seem to serve mainly chocolate flavours). I know you're not going to Turin, but this gelateria has been so successful in the North of Italy that they've opened one in Florence (and Paris). If you have the time, you have to track it down, their icecream is divine!

Here's a link for you:

Christine x

jasmineLDN said...

I like this laid back but statement outfit, well done, does shoes what can I say! Gorg! good luck in your exams and have a nice trip to europe, im from London and went to paris last year, great shopping experience, good luck and have fun and please keep us posted!

Mariona said...

Karlaaaa you come here in Europe, I'm sure you'll have a fantastic trip in each city, Paris uauuu You have to go to "Avenue Montaigne", the best, everything is there kisses from BARCELONA

Ediot said...

hope you have a great trip! im sorry to not have any tips for you. but i bet youll get some from others.
hopw you post loads abroad. have FUN!

KB said...

You should go to the Sonia Rykiel exhibition at les Arts Decoratifs, it's awesome! There were some nice shops around rue tiquetonne, one called Kilwatch I think, plus there's some vintage shops at the flea markets in Montemarte, Puces de St Ouen. I ate at a nice place near the Eiffel Tower, can't remember the name, but we got off at Invalides and walked towards it. The was also one called Les Associes at Bastille.


You're wearing a coat :)) Nice shoes!

ELLEN said...

Love, love, love it
you look great !

proudly says, said...

gorgeous, gorgeous!
you're the definition of sophistication.

Anonymous said...

Why arn't you coming to London?! you would love it! so many amazing shops, you cant beat english vintage

diddee said...

Yeh you always seems to find great vintage stuff. i use to but now its been so raided by everyone, everything sick goes so quick =[
keep up with the good posts!!!
love kristy x!

Kaitlin said...

"Oil Shoppe" is pretty close to the duomo. I can't remember which street it is on, maybe ghibilena? iits not a restaurant, but amazing for sandwiches in the middle of the day.. Affiliated with the Apicius cooking school they have everything you could ever want on a gourmet sandwich.

Also make sure you see the city view from Pizza Michaelangelo & have blood orange juice!!

Kaitlin said...

sorry the post above for oil shoppe is in FLORENCE

lorajane said...

Love the jeans.

Check out a department style store called Coin some very nice wares to be found. Also in Florence there is a market on the Sunday which is brilliant, keep an eye out for a stall selling vintage burberry trench coats.

Janneke said...

Too bad you will not go to Amsterdam, it's even better than Paris (I'm Dutch). However, Paris is such a romantic place. Have fun!

E said...

I share your packing pain my friend. Love the blue clutch!

Carlotta said...

I'm sure you'll love Italy, you're lucky the weather here is etting warmer ;-)

bnvoyage said...

This look is fantastic!!
I love your blog.
have fun in this cities!

Yuka said...

OMG finals are killer arent they? i have my last final today too. (thats why im up so early)

anyway, i love how you paired the bright blue clutch with this outfit. great choice.

hope you have a nice and safe flight! and take lots of photos and share!

xo -yuka

Is This Real Life? said...

Great Jeans!

Najeema said...

Fantastic outfit! I'm inspired to wear some fancy sandals today, even though it's only 20 degrees here!

Robine said...

Have fun in Europe, you will love it haha
Nice outfit again!

Winnie said...

Oh wow have fun on your trip! I loved walking around the Marais for it's little boutiques!

Love the pop of blue in your outfit!

Brigitte Plouffe said...

this outfit is perfect. it makes me want a pair of boyfriend fit levi's to cuff as well!

Antonia said...

I LOVE this look.
Effortlessly chic.

Have fun in Europaaaa!

Thamar said...

Dear Karla,

What i see is a beautiful girl with a great sense for fashion. This outfit is just not what i normally would expect from you. It's just normal. Maybe is normal not the right word, but i hope you know what i mean.

Anyway it looks good on you. You a fashion-icon for a lot of girls so i read. Nice they got somebody for inspiration ;)

Well now, i hope you do well on your final and have a lot of fun in Europe!
Italy & France, fashioncountries of Europe, to bad you can't do Amsterdam or Rotterdam, i guess you would love it!

Thamar (Holland)

Anonymous said...

Check out a really strange bar called Jonathans Angels in Rome. It's full of paintings of the owner in historical poses and has the toilets are a sight to behold!

Anonymous said...


You look great!

The tweed coat is breath taking!



Milly said...

love the shoes

alice said...

Lovely outfit but can you walk in such a high heels? :D
(Can you answer on my blog pls).
And have a lot of fun in Europe! Rome is wonderful!

Anna said...

Paris vintage shopping:

Free P Star
8 Rue Sainte-Croix-de-la-Bretonnerie

Espace Kiliwatch
64 rue Tiquetonne

Paris drinking:
Chez Prune on the Canal St. Martin

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

in paris you have to go to freep'star and kiliwatch. these are vintage stores, for the adresses check

Fashionology said...

amazing heels!

Miluska said...

I second (or third or whatever) Free'p'star. Just be prepared to fight it out if you really want something, I found the shoppers ruthless! And the neighboring shops are very cool also.

Sophia said...

BEAUTIFUL photos, Karla!

You're going to have such fun...I just recommend that you bring an empty suitcase with you to hold all of your purchases on the way home!

Christing said...

amazing shoes and oversized coat! you look so pretty!

J. Rene' said...

Have so much fun! In Florence there is a great ristorante called Simon Boccanegra.

Via Ghibellina
50122 Firenze
055 200 10 98

Get the steak-it is huge, but you and your friend can split it. Kind of expensive, but you need to have at least one fancy dinner on vacation, right?

Also be sure to cross the river and go to the Giardino Di Boboli or Boboli Gardens-THE MOST AMAZING PLACE EVER!
Have so much fun and take lots of pics!


Delmy said...

This look so good! Love it.

Queen A. said...

love your shoes!!! i´m from madrid, so i can´t recommend you!!! rome is perfect, and paris... it´s only paris.

elizabeth said...

Holy Shit! You're wearing jeans!
Nice change up. Have fun abroad!
xo Liz

pigeon.toed said...

good luck on your final! and i am so jealous that you are going to europe!!!! it's amazing there! have lots of fun!

lauren baluyo said...

Every element of this outfit is spot on! Then again, virtually every outfit I've seen you in is amazing.

Have a great time in Europe. Dont know much about the clothing shops around there, but if you want to take a couple hour train ride to London for a'll go nuts at Spitalfields, Portobello, and Camden Markets - great, one of a kind finds!

andi said...


Anonymous said...

Did you make your noise?

Bεαтя¡z said...
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Juliet said...

In Paris you need to check out the vintage stores near hotel de Ville (in Cherry blossom girl's blog you'll find the addresses) and in Paris there is also the Sonia Rykiel exhibition which is so A-mazing!

juliet xxx

Anonymous said...


Call Me Cat said...

your figure :)

especially with the short hair do

and THE CLUTCH i love :)

cat! x

kd said...

you should really come to germanyyy:)

Hannah said...

I love this outfit! It's one of my favourites of yours in a while :)

And you're so lucky - swanning off to Paris/Rome/Florence! I've never been to Rome or Florence so I can only give you addresses for Paris, but here goes:

Vintage shops:

32 Rue des Rosiers 75004 (this one doesn't have a name, it just says 'Coiffeur' over the door)!
Free'p'star - 8 Rue Sainte Croix de la Bretonnerie or: 61 Rue de la Verrerie, both 75004
Kiliwatch, 64, Rue Tiquetonne, 75002

It's also always worth a visit to the famous flea market Puces de Vanves at Avenue Marc Sangnier and Avenue George Lafenestre 75014. It's open from 9 till 1 on Saturday and Sunday.

Shopping and food:

You obviously have to go to Galeries Lafayette and Printemps, the huge department stores, both located on Boulevard Haussmann.

In Printemps, there is a Ladurée counter which you HAVE to go to - the macarons are a little taste of heaven. I like the raspberry and the orange blossom ones :)

As for restaurants, I went to a lovely independent bistro called 'La Cour Saint-Charles' which is at 99 rue Saint-Charles 75015. There's a lot of seafood - the prawn risotto is gorgeous! Also, if you're not too fussed about gourmet food I'd 100% recommend 'Le Chartier' as it has the most amazing atmosphere. The website is and its address is 7 Rue du Faubourg Montmartre 75009.

I hope you enjoy your trip!

Franzi said...

oh wow :)
the shoes match perfect with the coat! really nice outfit karla! hope you have a good time in paris!

emma said...

do you know your blog is futured in the Dutch Elle??? so cool!

well, if you are going to Paris you defeinately have to visit 'Rose Bakery'!!! they have the most delicious :D

kelsey said...

this is a city guide by elleuk, recomending resteraunts, nightclubs and shops, i have been to all the shops accept for the "by appointment only," they are dont dissapoint!
love your blog!

denise h. said...


are you coming to germany too ?
i whish we could meet up :(

denise h. said...


are you coming to germany too ?
i whish we could meet up :(

denise h. said...

ps: i can send you one of the glamour mags if you want !

Zarna said...


have fun in europe!


Journeys Through Fashion said...

Have a safe trip and have lots of fun! I know this will be an amazing experience for you. Nice jeans, by the way!

Mimi said...

I think the coat is quite classy.
Love the shoes and this clutch.

Jillian said...

Karla you're always so well put together! You look so very lady like here and the blue clutch is the perfect pop of colour w/out being too ostentatious

anne said...

lucky you! Good luck!

Marie said...

hi Karla,
I'm Marie, a fashion designer!
I really like your blog.I was born and I still live in Paris, so if you have any question about shops, food, restaurants, club...just ask, it will be a pleasure to help you!

I leave my e-mail:

Wanderlusting said...

Those shoes look killer and also a bit ouch. On my feet they would anyone but man they look good. Have to say, you really suit this simple, classic style. One of my favourites on you.

You can check out my travel blog for tips on Paris and Rome - personally I loved Paris but Rome was a bit meh to me. Probably because I had just been fired before I went so it wasn't like I was in the best mood ever but nontheless, hope you like it more than I did. There are some awesome shopping gems there (like Bata, buy all the boots in there!!!)


Wanderlusting said...

PS - Not sure if you are even reading your comments at this point (not that I blame you, there's a hell of a lot!) BUT for further info, I have the name of a fantastic Personal Shopper in Rome, she's not too expensive and will take you all around to the best spots based on your style and your budget.

If you can't find it on my travel blog (see url in my comment earlier) please email me for her info cuz she is amazing and really helped me out! :)

Take care,


Thumbelina Fashionista said...

Love this look. The heels and bright cobalt clutch make it rock.

Samantha said...

I LOVE this outfit! :D
I have that tee so that makes me feel pretty cool. :P

You have the best shoe collection ever! By the way.
Good luck on the final and have fun in Europe!

Kirsty said...

I love this look Karla! Love the deep blues and gold!

Anonymous said...

Kong in Paris is a old/new Japanese themed bar- fun for cocktails! Have fun xx

Marushka said...

wow..I absolutely love your outfit!!
u look gorgeous girl :)
thanks 4 a great blog!

Anonymous said...

You should post pictures of your best friend too.

There's a small gelato place right by the Vatican in Rome and there's always a rush, but its superrr goood. Except I don't remember the name, so that was pretty much useless.

Have fun in Europe. (:

Annie said...

major jealous of your eurotrip! but i do have some recommendations.

paris: anywhere in/around montmarte has fantastic shopping. also, the restaurant Le Coup de Torchon on rue Saint-Jacques is phenomenal, it's very cozy with authentic french food. just to warn you, the menu is all in french!

florence: if you like cool historical places, visit the basilica of santa croce. galileo, michelangelo, and machiavelli are all buried there. also, the restaurant finistraae (i think that's how it's spelled...) is my favorite restaurant in florence, each room is decoratively themed with a different european country and the pizza is absolutely fantastic. if you go, make sure to get the chocolate souffle for dessert, it's HEAVENLY.

rome: restaurant casa mia, very laid back and friendly, and the food is incredible. also, definitely visit piazza navona.

ALSO (i promise this is my last thing!), eat some hazelnut gelato. seriously.

sorry that was so epic... but have a great time and let me know if you go anywhere i suggested!

inu said...

This is just beautiful. I love the colours!

I'm jealous of your trip. I love Florence! In fact, I actually love all three of those cities.

I would say come to Poland but comparing to those theres unfortunately not much to see.

M A Z P E said...

props you can handle those killer killer heels!

a. said...

i don't understand the weather there: one day you wear shirt dresses, next day you put on a coat. but you look wonderful anyway! :)

Heidi said...

I am going to europe during the summer and will be hitting the same locations (Paris, Florence, then Rome). Looking forward to your blogs and tips!

Kat said...

Love the shoes...
Paris, FreePStar somewhere around the Pompeidou, and Shakespeare and Company on the left bank (not clothes related but you cannot fail to love this place).

Lottie said...

i love love love your shoes!
their gorgeous-and so are you!
i love your hair!
would you like to exchange links,i love your style and it would be an honour!
love lottie

JoliJoy said...

heyy! you're going to have a gerat time! I've only been to Rome but the best places to g to eat are the ones that aren't "tourist traps". You know, the ones with the wine bottles on every shelf and the cheesy italian music in the background? What my family and I do is that we roam the backstreets until we finally come along a small sort of restaurant and eat A BAJJILLION times better than those other fakey-places. As for shopping, look for store on cobblestone roads... they are usually awesome, and are filled with awesome people and shops.

have fun!

Stardust and Sequins said...

you're on my blog for top 6 stylish blogger picks!! COME SEE?? :-)


Hanako66 said...

you look fabulous....I hope that you have an amazing trip!

ELLE said...

You have so many shoes!!

Sleepdreamdress said...

You must try the Macarons from Lenôtre! They are major famous!

36 Avenue La Motte Picquet
75007 Paris, France

And please post pictures once you do! It's my life long dream.

kass said...

paris: chez gladines in the 13 arrondissement. take the 6 train to corvisart station, get off, cross the street, head into rue eugéne atget and up the stairs. the restaurant's at 30 rue cinq diamants, and there's always a crowd of people surrounding it. go early or really late, or you'll have to wait a long time. their salads are legendary, escargots weren't too bad too.

also head to rue oberkampf on friday or saturday nights for a really big night scene. it's full off indie bars, and cithéa is a jazz club that has live bands playing every night from 7.30 to 11. (at least, i think it's every night).

generally try to avoid food around tourist traps, they're usually not that good and over priced. do get pierre hermé or ladurée macaroons though.

Rome: the only thing my brother remmbers of the 2 weeks we spent there was that the cafeteria in st peter's had really good pork chop. i'm not sure if that's because he was really hungry or if it was that good.

Sarah said...

ok i think everyone already mentioned free p star and kiliwatch in paris.. also check out le marais. it's so nice there. for food: go to chez marianne (located in le marais) for falafel aaand make sure to eat some crèpe nutella banane!! no matter where..
at night: la perle, rue oberkampf, queen (a really cool gay club), ...
have fun, paris is really nice.

becca. said...

wow, gorgeous blog.
your really pretty
and those heels are gorgeous!
would you like to swap links?

megan said...

Killer outfit, especially the heels! Have fun in Europe- I'm going this May, I'll be backpacking however, so no heels for me!

megan /

Le Fashion said...
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Le Fashion said...
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Le Fashion said...


♥ ♥

Cindy said...

Definitely check out Sisley in Florence (not sure if they have it in Rome/Paris). It's in the shopping district I believe. They have simple nice pieces I think you'd like :)

smalltown_girl said...

love everything about this. perfect.

Elizabeth said...

those shoes are so amazing

Becca Jane said...

I love this look but my favorite part is that blue bag. It is beautiful.

indigotangerine said...

Have fun in Europe! i love that color of your bag.

Irina said...

You should ABSOLUTELY visit L'As du Falafel in the Marais in Paris ( It is the best falafel in Western Europe. Seriously, do it. Don't just think that you'll do it, but do it. It's also very cheap, but soooooo good.

kimvee said...

I LOVE this outfit! I really like how that blue clutch gives a pop of color to your outfit :)

katie said...

Go to Social Club for partying

and dont miss Colette and Noir Kennedy for shopping:)

shopgirl28 said...

Good luck on your final. Have a good trip.

caylee said...

i love how you rolled up your jeans so we can see your heels =)
have fun in europe; can't wait to see the pics!

katie said...

btw you might like these heels :

you can find them at office for 80 euros :)

Pretty Pirate said...

I packed way to much when I went to Italy and was dying the whole time trying to carry it all. I would suggest just bringing a few great things, you will never see the same people twice and look fabulous in your favorite things. This will allow you to have more room to accumulate things on your trip. ;) You are going to have a great time.

Jordan said...

Your really pretty, ma'am. ^ ^

Sunset said...

LOVE that clutch! It gives the best pop of color.

Cup of Coffee. said...

I love this outfit!
So gorgeous!


S.I.Q. said...

the shoes are very nice!

-new louboutin for barneys in my blog!

S.I.Q. said...

the shoes are very nice!

-new louboutin for barneys in my blog!

legally stylish said...

You are soo lucky! Have tons of fun! I love this outfit :)

elle said...

Amazing outfit!

Oh and where did your post with you wearing the aa black silk shorts with the grey sweater go to? I can't seem to find it.

Jordan said...

HA! I meant "you're"...

esther said...

i swear steve madden really blows me away sometimes. those are really kickass.
also i feel your pain on the packing issue. MANNN i hate it. really do.

Anonymous said...

i've heard these paris restaurants are amazing. google for price estimations since these recommendations come by way of a friend at elle. xoxo

1. Le Diane (46, Avenue George, 01-40-69-60-60)

2. Citrus Etoile (6 Rue Arsene Houssaye, 01-42-89-15-51)

3. Vins des Pyrenees (25, Rue Beautreillis, 01-42-72-64-94)

4. Le Comptoir du Relais (9 Carrefour de l’Odeon, 6th Arr, 01-44-27-07-97)

5. Cafe de Flore (172, Bld Saint Germain, 01-45-48-55-26)

6. Le Pre Verre (8 Rue Thenard, 5th Arr, 01-43-54-59-57)

Happy Eating!

Summer said...

Good luck on your finals..;D
I love your outfit,i really love the coat with that blue satin clutch.It really looks good on you.=)

Summer said...

I hope you could put my blog link in your site.I would really appreciate it..;D

Anonymous said...

also check out one of the most legendary department stores in the city, Printemps. They serve Laduree macaroons to shoppers.

Anonymous said...

also, also..try Le loir dans la Théihère in le Marais.

Anonymous said...

also ** lol

- Vintage ( dresses for 10 euros, blouses for 5) : 32 rue des rosiers 75004 . subway station: St paul

- Free’p’star ( dresses for 20 euros ): 8 rue sainte croix de la bretonnerie and 61 rue de la verrerie 75004. subway hotel de ville

- Mamz’Elle Swing: 35 bis rue du Roi de Sicile 75004. Subway : Hotel de Ville or Saint Paul

- la belle époque ( dresses princes starting at 60 euros ): 10 rue de Poitou 75003. open from thuesday to saturday ( 13:30- 18:30 )

- Iglaine ( dresses starting at 50 euros ): 12 rue de la grande truanderie 75001. subway station: chatelet les halles

- mamie (dresses starting at 50 euros ): 73 rue de Rochechouart 75009. Subway: Anvers

- mamie blues ( dresses starting at 50 euros ): 69 rue de Rochechouart 75009. Subway: Anvers

- puces de Vanves: vintage Jewels, clothes, decoration, furnitures, books, vinyls.

Avenue Marc Sangnier or avenue George Lafenestre 75014. Open on saturday an sunday only, from 9 to 01 in the morning. Subway porte de Vanves.

la principessa emicrania said...

you're not gonna hit milan, are you?
that's actually a pity...ugly city but beautiful shopping :)

elizabeth&catherine said...

dig it!
you've inspired myself and friend to start our own blog (after much talking about it and no 'doing')
you rock karla!

xox Cat

Bai a Labi said...

i love the clutch and the pants!
your nail polish is still love! :))
why u going abroad? :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Karla!
You look gorgeous!
Don't know if anyone has mentioned it yet, but you MUST MUST MUST MUST go to "Galleries La Fayette".
Possibly the best shopping place in Europe!
I'm from London and go to Paris quite alot and I never get bored of it!
Have a wonderful time!

Anonymous said...

Galleries La Fayette is in Paris by the way!
Have fun!

Laura said...

Love love love your blog! Have jst started one of my own, fingers crossed I can get as many comments as you x

Tereza Š. said...

this one of my favourite outfit of yours. and I love cropped jeans with heels.

Aless & Rocío said...

I love love love your coat and your heels!!


Cassiopeia said...

love the shoes! u look lovely. good luck with the exam!


suety said...

If you're going to the Lafayette mall in Paris, remember to show your passport to the information centre, they'll give you a 10% tourist discount!
ps The tea shop Laudree does fab macaroons!

labelleetlaitgirl said...

Just pack like two outfits, and some tees and underwear, and shop for the rest when you get there. That's what I usually do.

Amazing outfit, and have fun in Europe :)

Leah said...

gorgeous! cant wait for your outfits from abroad and your photos of europeeee so jeals. my only advice for shopping and eating is if it looks good, do it.

Mies said...

Ow I have to pack for three months of studying abroad and I only get to pack 20 kilos. There is no way I'm going to be able to do that......

Have fun in Europe :D

hattie said...

Galleries LaFayette in Paris! You must go! You'll be amazed!
Lovely outfit by the way, shoes are lushhhh!

lisamarie said...

What I'd do to goto Paris again! Ah and with a friend. Some of my favorite memories are from the week I spent in Paris with my boyfriend. The food! can't be beat. Eat, eat, eat! I drool envisioning the pastry windows!! You'd never guess that something as simple as a baguette could take you straight to heaven.
Pack only the essentials and buy when you get there! But don't forget the layers. It's strangely chilly.
Thin heels get trapped in the cobblestone so expect to repair when you get home.
Ah, i am so happy for you, enjoy your trip. I am sure it will be unforgettable.

Make sure to keep your belonging, your friend and yourself safe while traveling. So very important.

Have fun!


Another Fashion Blogger said...

Have a great time! I love the contrast of the clutch with the outfit!


Poupoune said...

OMG ! You gonna love Florence ! I went whith school a couple of years ago. Fantastic town ... But so much people xD
City in Italy are so full of tourists.

Anonymous said...

hola karla
soy fan de tu blog:)
haha me encanta tu estilo
te escribo en espa;ol porque leei que tus papas son de Mexico!
es la primera vez que te escribo:) ame tu outfit en especial los zapatos<3
suerte en Europa!

atte: Cecy
Monterrey, Mexico:)

The Bird's Eye said...

love your bag!! so bright blue!!

Anonymous said...

Go to le Marais, you'll find a few vintage stores there as well as boutique-type stores such as Paul & Joe and Ted Baker. You should walk from rue de la verrenne to Place des Vodges and on your way you'll find super cute stores!

getpalmd said...

The tweed coats is superb!

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