Friday, December 26, 2008

Non-fashion related..

As I mentioned in an earlier "q & a" post, I was hoping to mark my body with three more tattoos before 2008 ended. Soooo as a Christmas gift, my mom scheduled an appointment and I got them done today! So excited, I really love them!

tat3-1.jpg picture by stylebook18

It's the title of my all-time favorite book as well as two of my passions since forever. 

tat1-1-1.jpg picture by stylebook18

My daddy's birthday (love you!)

Please excuse the bandage markings...

Hope everyone had a good Christmas!


Sisi et JoJo said...

Did they hurt much to get done? We're planning to get some really soon as well!

Anonymous said...

love that you placed them randomly all over your body. they're simple and meaningful, so lovely.

Maya said...

I have 5 tattoos. They are very addicting. I'm sure you'll be getting more.

Eli said...

wow, so brave, I'm so afraid to even get one!

katherinelou said...

ohHhh my gosh you are soo brave !
i don't think i could ever get one haha
but what a great christmas present though !

Swank Heights said...

Karla, you're such a bad ass. I have one on my wrist as's sexy and a little surprising.

Would love it if you checked out my blog!

P said...

Very cool (now) but don't you worry about how you will feel about them when you're old - or even just a bit older? My BF (24) is already regretting the tattoo's he got when he was 19. But I must admit that your tatt's are pretty tasteful and have personal significance, so maybe they will outlast the test of time.

Fashion Victim said...

Awww... love them! Did that hurt?

The Stylish Wanderer said...

aww man karla, why did you have to! You were gorgeous anyway.

JEYQ said...

you're such a G Karla!
i love that they're significant to you =]

The Stylish Wanderer said...

ok. so rethought what I wrote.

its very admireable you got 3! incredible, really. I hope you enjoy them.

and you ARE still GORGEOUS anyway.


They look really really great. I hate to be partial to any of them, but the script of the independiente one is so pretty...and I love the roman numerals for the brthday (:

pwincess bebe said...

i love your daddy's bday tattoo. merry xmas karla ! :D

chelsea said...

i am a really big fan of your tattoos. i only have one so far (i LOVE it) but am secretly dreaming of another. what's the letter on your other wrist for, is it an M or a W? nice work.

Fashion Is Poison said...

ow ow ow al verlos me duele! three at a time!!! ohh man props. i love the independiente one! you are brave girl. 3!! anyway, they're all tasteful and look very good. i love the idea of your dad's bday. if i ever get it, it'd be something pertaining to my mom :)


M said...

very well placed. not trashy at all. all i can is ur mum is HELLA cool. on april fools day, I was joking to my mum that I got her name tattooed on my wrist... she was flipping out and was on the verge of crying. lol ur one courageous girllll

Ester said...

wow!! i love them!! the tattoos are very original, and it's great that they have so much sense for you. I like a lot

merry christmas!!

Mariane M. said...

you. are. a. badass!!!
hahaha i love the roman numeral one especially
did these hurt??
my boyfriend always tears when he gets something done on his upper inner arm (where your independiente one is)

Yvonne said...

I love wording tattoos on hand plus they look really good on you!! & it kinds of remind me of Cole Mohr. Totally cool babe! :)

Doll of porcelain said...

That's sooo cool :) They are very delicate and hidden on your body so that not everyone can see them and that's why they are so beautiful ;)

Sunset said...

Man, I can't imagine how much that cost! Super classy shit though, I love 'em.

Cassandra said...

you've got some nice ones there. I do so love rib tattoos. this is mine:

the word below links to the translation.

Anonymous said...


katherine said...

hi Karla!
I actually have a very unsure mind when it comes to tats.
I like the tats that means something, like.. you'r passion, something you love.
And tats that is something about you'r lifestyle is also great. But VERY often, tats get very, tacky.
And I think the word forever, scears a lot of us.
And to think about that the tats will be there forever, is kinda scarry. But I think you were smart.
You'r tats actually MEAN something. Something that are important to you. And i really love you'r independiente tat. I'm planning on getting a independiente tat where you have you'r music and dancing.I love you'r tats. Congrats.

Anonymous said...

just awfull, too bad for such a pretty, pretty girl...

just use post-its if you feel like having random things written all over the place

Just me said...

i love your tats ... but im too scard of pain that i would put them on my body... well visit me sometimes

mangopeachapple said...

I LOVE the loves music loves to dance one! The writing is so nice.

cätu . said...

i love your tattoos !
your blog is soooo adorable .

Fashion Tidbits said...

doesn't it hurt???

Anniken said...

Totally hot.
Think I have to get my birthday in romer-signs myself !

Bambola said...

As everyone's already said - they look great. I loved that book also - & the title is fantastic. Just don't tell people what the book's about, it's not as beautiful as the title suggests :)

The other tattoos are stunning. The fact that they reflect your history & family is very sweet & smart for getting tattoos.

Hannah Cheeto said...

Wow those are amazing! They're all really well done. I don't know what's up with the people who think getting tats will ruin your prettiness... haha whatever. But didn't the wrist one hurt a lot?

Anonymous said...

On BOTH wirsts?? They are in nice places but 4 (and 3 at the same time!) seem to be overkill!

I've always wanted to get one in similar places but I know I'll regret them in a few years time and even more so when I'm much older.

Love that they mean something, that was the other reason I couldn't get any, I couldn't think of anything!

Anonymous said...

El que más me gusta es el de "Independiente"!

Hannah said...

Ouch to the one on your ribs!

Suzanne said...

Wow! I love the tattoo of your dads birthday! I also have a tattoo on the side of my ribs, where you have the book title. They are so addictive, i'm getting my next one on the 4th of jan.

Little Miss Dress Up said...

awesome!! if only i could get a tattoo!!!

Mimi said...

The first one is lovely.
Wow the one with your dad's bday is such a nice gesture.

Anonymous said...

indipendiente, funny cous your mother payed..after earning a month paycheck writing and paying for indipendiete would have had a whoooole another meaning..but hey they are nice

Nina said...

Oh did you do these three tattoos in just one session? Oh my. ;)

Shelby Moore said...

well, i can officially say that you are now my hero.
i've been reading your blog since late july, and i have never been disappointed.
thank you for the great writing!
oh, and your tattoos are pretty rad.

Moded'amour said...

love the first one, loves music loves to dance.

Chloe said...

Those are beautiful Karla!
and it's wonderful they have significance

Cindy said...

i love the script karla. you are making want to head to tcb and get some more ink right now. maybe i'll have a rib tattoo to post about in the new year. happy holidays. :) cindy

Jennifer said...

I love them!

K said...

3 in one session? bravery. i got one on my inner right wrist (3 stars) & it was horrific. lol. maybe because it was my first. but these are lovely, i don't think its "overkill" because clearly these all hold significance for you. i will say, though, that you are lucky to (seemingly) not have to worry about having tats on both wrists, i'm going to have to hide mine for every interview i go to! lol.

Alice said...

1. they're so delicate looking, and 'classy' - not something you'd normally expect of a tattoo,
2. i love where you chose to put them,
and 3. i love the one of your dad's birthday!

did they hurt?!
p.s. what does the M/W mean on your other wrist?

Knight Cat said...

i love them! the location of everyone is beautiful and they look so elegant on you!

Raula S said...

How is a tattoo classy?

Erica said...

very nice!! Especially the one on your side.
However I'm a bit baffled at the title for this post. As I'm sure you know fashion is an art form....but so are tattoos....and hair dressing. Your body is a canvas for personal art work. Just my thoughts....

Linda said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I love how much significance they have to you!

And never mind the nay-sayers. I have more tattoos than I can count at this point (ok, so that's a bit of an exaggeration) and I love As long as you believe in what they say, you'll love 'em. ;D

vix said...

Wow people have very strong opinions when it comes to the art of tattoos. I personally love all of them. Its an art form that really is not for everyone.

Ps. When are you going to share your other christmas presents with us? :)

Tiawan said...

discreet and sexy as they should be, great work!

Frou Flu said...

wow you're so brave! and your mom is cool!:) my mom would never let me get a tattoo hehe:)

Kim said...

BADASS! "Independiente"...cuán verdadero.

copperoranges said...

those look awesome!!

Nathalia said...

AMAZING! they look really good:)

YoQueSe said...

Bonitos tatuajes!

love it

Demi said...

love them <3

hope you had a good christmas!

Anja said...

I lobe them, I'd like to get a tattoo one day, when I find something meaningful enough, I'm always writing random quotes, numbers or dates on my inner wrists ;)

And to the people who are dissing those tattoos/sth else - it's too funny that you never have the courage to even reveal your name. Actually, it gets pretty annoying...

Anja said...

*love, obviously :)

Juice said...

I find the "loves music, loves to dance" one very sexy, perhaps because of where it was tattooed on? But still, your tats are pretty amazing. :)

Anonymous said...

oh wow. I'm kind of in shock right now. I can see that you're maturing a lot. First with the new haircuts and along with them the tattoos.

lulu said...

WOW. Merry Xmas love <3 xoxo

Krystal said...

This is SO savage! I love how you just went for all three in one sitting! Women are the stronger sex though :)


Don't Be A Hero said...

bitchin, congrats! I need to put off getting mine. so far i've just been a wimp and bought a black henna kit to "make sure that I like it first" but really I'm just stalling :P

Kelly said...

What excellent tattoos! I love script and numerals..

Anonymous said...

OMG Karla, I've not been following you for a while and now I see you with this amazing haircut!!!
You get always more beautiful, great tattoos!!

Nathalie Maegan said...

you're becoming a "marked" woman :) ...they're great!

MiniCenicienta said...

Do you speak spanish?

This is the very first time i see your page and hasn't disappointed at all!
Fantastic really,
just wanted to ask you...are you said you look exactly as Sophie Marceau (Bond's girl 1999) ???

Katie said...

i'm so jealous, i've been wanting tattoos for forever.

The Glossy Editor said...

don't listen to the haters! tat's are not for everyone - and for that i'm thankful:) you just got 10 more cool points in my books love 'em xx

Erica said...

They're all really beautiful. Or riktigt vackra, as you'd say in swedish. Happy New Year by the way,

DUSKIN said...

love that your mom made the appointment for you!

Anonymous said...

omg...they are sooo beautiful! :)

Anonymous said...

The independiente reminds me of the one Freja Beha has on her arm. Same location!

Mode Junkie said...

lovely tats karla! :)
happy holidays.
and can i just tell the platforms on the post below is like shoe porn to the highest level? you always outdo yourself every time. i am still in awe.

caylee said...

karla i'm seriously LOVING all of the ink!
especially the one on your side.
they're beautiful (and, i know, addicting!)

El Primo LiL J said...

Ayyyy mi Karla Manuela, pues que te digo. Que te quiero y tambien que buenos estaban los tamales ayer. Hope those dont affect El Cuerpaso!!! (los tamales)

bare.peppermint.fashions said...

i love them! my husband has roman numerals tattooed on his bicep of our wedding date. i really like that one!


TiKeDi said...

omg i loveee them and i know they all had to hurt especially the one on your side

Anonymous said...

What is the relevance of 'independiente'? You live at home with your parents, you're parents paid for your college degree and they paid for your tattoos too.
I don't understand.
Do you have a job?

steadybliss said...

ooh nice!!! i think it's totally fashion related :)

Anonymous said...

just stunning. really nice choices of design and location. I love rib tattoos- I am planning on getting one on my right side soon!

Lisa said...

they are perfect for you because YOU love them and they come from your heart.

so beautiful karla!



Anonymous said...

dear the tat haters if you dont have anything nice to say dont say anything at all.

Anonymous said...

you live at home, your parents pay for everything. blah blah blah... for whoever wrote that dont be jealous i cant stand people who cant be happy for other people. so annoying. this one kills me DO YoU HAVE A JOB. yeah your blogging on it . thats one of her many jobs on top of school, being a full time mom to spence , modeling and etc... o yeah and also being an IT girl!!! if you dont know what an IT girl is google it right after you google independiente. Karla you rock it and you rock it good.

le mode said...

oh man what a awsome tatto.
i love all of them its really awsome.

Anonymous said...

to anonymous 9.52-
Your incoherent brown-nosing tangent about 'IT girls' and 'being happy for other people' holds absolutely no applicability to my comment. All I want to know is why she chose the word 'independiente'.
How is she independent? What is the significance?

leftontheground said...

Beautiful, Karla.
Great work, where did you get them done?

Anonymous said...

gosh that could be written only by an it wannabe girl who does nothing in life, knows nothing and things every disagrrement is an offence which affects you personaly-which is not..grow up

Anonymous said...

wow things are heating up over here...karla you look awesome. and yeah you live at home because you're 19!! you should live at home! no biggie girl. you're beautiful

Jen said...

they're beautiful. i especially like the one of your dad's birthday. x

sam. said...

whoa crazy all at once! my favorite is the loves to sing, loves to dance one

V said...

so so nice. simple and meaningful.

[Tara] said...

Gorgeous tattoos -- so personal and very classic. Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Your dad is only 41?

I really love the tattoos, they are subtle!

josephine said...


i have one near my underarm there too - sympathy ouch! :) said...

oooh they are gorgeous!

N said...

Hi Karla, I've been following your blog for quite some time now, however this is my first comment. Anyway, i LOVE the tats. Because ijust love tattoos in general, but also because yours are so tasteful which is important.
Moving on however, I saw in a comment that you're a mom?

You have a child?

How have I missed that part?

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

to aonymous 9:52
I could not agree more with you.

bebe said...

Love Them ALL!

Was thinking of getting one on my ribs too, but fearing the pain factor!

i have one tatt, does it get any LESS painful?

Anonymous said...

Last one is my fav. I have a Jean-Paul Sarte quote on my forearm in what I think is the same font.

I got it about 4 years ago, and though I'm annoyed when strangers ask me about it, I still don't regret it. Ef the haters.

Number9 said...

Love the rib one.

I hate when people try to talk other people out of getting tattoos. After showing my aunt my tats this weekend, she turned and told her 16 yr old daughter that she better not ever want to get a tattoo. I retorted by telling my cousin to go ahead and get one if she wanted - she could always get it in a discreet location and her mom would never know. I don't think my aunt liked that...

Samantha Smikle said...

go girl! love 'em.

lol at the comment that's like "whoa first a hair cut and now tats" They're not ready for you girlie!

I want one on my side too...have a hummingbird on the inside of my arm...all nice spots!

Ursula said...

I love your tattoos. They're very cute. I especially like the one "loves music, loves to dance." Those are 2 things that deserve eternal love. lol.

Anonymous said...

more people should be more like you.

Style Maven said...

i think they are absolutely gorgeous and they make me want to get another tat! all meaningful and tastefully done, love them!

Shae said...

I really love the one on your wrist with the roman numerals. That's a really cool idea.

Kate said...

Independiente can refer to more than being just financially independent...duh.

But either way 1) most students can't afford tuition on their own so they rely on help from their parents and/or loans- totally normal and 2)you don't know her personal financial situation so quit talking shit

I like the roman numeral ones best

Anonymous said...

9.52, you sounds so uneducated.
It's embarrassing how all the illiterate people are the ones that defend Karla.

rosie. said...

karla, me encantan tus tatuajes ... yo quisiera unos cuantos tambien pero tengo que esperar que tenga 18 anos :( anyway, ser independiente es la mejor forma de ser :)

i love your blog and am a devoted reader. you inspire me very much

-- rosie

Isabel said...

Wow, you got 3 at once? Hardcore!

Jack Daniel said...

Oh noooooooo. Tattoo's. You've got to be kidding me.

I wanted tattoo's when I was younger. Glad I didn't do it: one of them would have been an NBA logo (because I LOVED basketball to death when I was about 15.) But these ones are interesting. What does those romanian marks means? 3-8-86? your date of birth?

nikkimoose. said...

great ink !

Anonymous said...

whatever anyone can say, getting those tattoos is certainly a daring move and I feel like it reflects your personality (from what we can glean from your blog anyway!), so congratulations!

oh, and seriously? you're a mother?

Anonymous said...

you have a son???>?

Anonymous said...

oye! your pup ;)

karla said...

P: A very laborious thought-out plan was conceived before placing any tattoo on my “temple”. That included thoughts about whether or not I’d still love my tats when I was older, where I wanted them placed exactly, and even the particular font I wanted them written in. So no, I don’t worry much about how I’ll feel about them when I’m 30 because I’m pretty happy with how they turned out :)

Fashion victim. mariane m, fashion tidbits, alice: The wrist and underarm one hurt but I became immune to the pain after a minute or so. The rib one hurt so bad though!

chelsea: It’s an M- my mom has a K... they’re matching tats!

Cassandra: Ooo! I saw it, the writing is so beautiful!

anon3:41: “just use post-its if you feel like having random things written all over the place”--- HAHA I giggled :)

bambola: Hahaa yea I know, I love the book even though it is totally not a very “pretty” book. I’ve read it at least 10 times already.

Hannah Cheeto: The wrist one wasn’t that painful- it only hurt when he started, but I got used to the burning needle pain ha.

anon5:07: Yea, I was really into the idea of both of my wrists being tatted- especially ‘cus each one is for my mom or dad.

anon5:23: Ese le encanta a mi papa!

anon6:06: She paid because it was a Christmas gift...

K: That’s what someone told me- apparently people won’t hire you with tatted wrists.

alice: The M is for Maribel, my mom’s name. She has a K on her left wrist too, for Karla obviously.

vix: I didn’t really get any clothes or anything. I just got things like a robe, ipod speakers, a new camera, lenses etc- nothing I could wear or wear out of the house at least.

Don’t be a hero: Hehe I’m giggling!

MiniCenicienta: Yes I speak spanish fluently :) And my boyfriend used to tell me Sophie reminded him of me... I think he was hallucinating.

el primo lil j: Ya me comi como cinco tamales (shout out to Tia Elba), y mi cuerpito sigue siendo “sexy” hahaha

anon6:49: Just wondering, do you know me personally???

anon9:52: :)

anon11:28: I don’t believe I owe you an explanation of why I chose to get the word “independiente” tatted on my arm. Let’s just say, it doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with whether or not I live with my parents or whether I paid for my schooling.

leftontheground: Dolorosa Tattoo on Ventura Blvd :)

anon9:01: Ha, thanks for the support :)

anon12:56: Yes indeed- his age has been revealed!

N, anon4:20: Nope haha, not a mother. The previous comment said I was a “full-time mom to spencer” which is just my puppy :) but he’s the family dog so technically I’m not even his mommy!

bebe: It actually does.

kate: Thanks for having my back!

jack daniel: 3-13-67- it’s my daddy’s birthday.

Bijata said...

I dont understand how IXVII can be 67. Can you explain?

katarina said...

it's LXVII ( L=50 ) so, it's 50 + 10 + 5 + 1 + 1 = 67

but i see where you got confused, L looks kind like I in the photo :)

Helga Olofsson said...

Very nice tattoos! I love the tattoo "loves music, loves to dance"!
What type of dance or dances are you dancing?

Violet said...

i love the one on you ribs..stomach... side... i dotn know what to call it but its super hot!

Sabina said...

Beautiful - I think it's all been said!
Sabina xx

Anonymous said...

why do people leave such rude comments. if they don't like it then don't look. why continue to look at something you have no heart in. people who make rude comments lack grace and were probably raised by low class parents who value a tv dinner postal working child rather than a well dressed educated child.

Anna Pope said...

They are really great :_

kd said...

i love your tattoos!! they look so amazing. but it hurts, huh. nevertheless..AMAZING!!!
i love your blog...i've linked it on my page!

happy new year!!

Anonymous said...

They are cool! they suit you:)
Did the first one(first picture) hurt much?
Im just got a new one myself, and im thinking about getting a new tattoo later on again, and that one was pretty cool!:)

Flo said...

your dad is really young!
Love your tattoos, would love one but worried I won't like it in 10 years...
Happy New Year Karla, may 2009 be rich in adventures and good times with family and friends

enso said...

I generally love tatoos and yours are really beutiful: simply, minimalistic but meaningful. And one of them is similar to mine:)

Nicole said...

I am 24 and got my 1st tat at 19, I have 4 very small tasteful tats now, they all have major meaning behind each one, BUT Im having them removed!
I have cursive writing on my inner wrist too and it is the most noticeable place, I felt it was distracting standing out so black on such tender wrist skin. I started to have just my 2 wrist tats removed they were just too distracting, but then decided to do the other 2 while I was going thru it, which hurts a HUNDRED times worse than the actual tat.

I have thought about replacing them with my wedding date (8-8-08) and my unborn baby's name. The only tats I would ever get again would be white or grey and for my husband or baby. All the meanings of my tats still mean a LOT to me, I just dont feel the need to have it written on my body anymore.
I will say tho, taking them off hurts and costs a hell of a lot more than getting them on!

Anonymous said...

duh i like them, i am a fan od tattooes but sth like indipendiente i would have done after earning at least a mil living in my penthouse :-))) not really but got the idea??

Anonymous said...

2.54pm jan.2
Read Dec28 at 10:48. please.

Anonymous said...

2.54pm jan.2
Read Dec28 at 10:48. please.

Anonymous said...

I love them all! these are just the type i would get- not too large, interesting, meaningful, and scattered. These totally remind me of cole mohr and freja beha's tats, too (which i also love)!

Nataly said...

You're a brave soul. i have one on the back of my neck and the pain was enough to put me off of tattoos for awhile. they do remind me of beha's tats which is awesome cus i love her.:) my fav is the independiente one. are u hispanic?

Jennifer said...

Your tattoos are lovley, I also have one on the back of my neck. A quote that really means something.
"If you can dream it,
you can create it.
If you can imagine imagine it,
you can become it."

Tattoos that mean something are the most beautiful ones.

Elle said...

Karla the brave one ! WOH
3 @ the same time! goodness !

Dec 30,11:00 PM- strong words

vogued out!!! said...

omg super hot. so funny i was thinking about getting my bday in roman at the same exact location as yours. The tats are lovely

TRES22 said...

Your tats are very sexy!

Jordy said...

Karla, why don't U try to apply as Playmate of the Month in Playboy Magz?? Seriously girl, U look very2 sexy... U should be in there... I really2 wanna see U baring all (U can wear that sexy tights in those Centerfold pages too honey... ;) Pleaseeee... I'm sure Mr. Hugh Hefner will be very gladly for having U to be in his magz...
Plsss, plssss Karla... I bet U will make much2 money, so U could buy more & more cool stuff to wear... ;)

Please consider my suggestion (& also my wishes, hon... ;)


Ur admirer,

ed said...








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Anonymous said...

Hi! Sorry, but doesnt the date on your wrist say III-XIII-IXVII - doesnt that mean 3-13-9-7?? :P

tank said...


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