Friday, October 3, 2008

Favorite Runway Looks

YSL2.jpg picture by stylebook18

I was inspired by the cocoon-shaped jackets, sexy caged sandals, drop-crotch trousers, and the way Stefano Pilati's used soft and delicate fabrics to create such dramatic and structured pieces. Simple, elegant, and modern... just how I like it.

s2.jpg picture by stylebook18
Her collection definitely had a very nonchalant, effortless vibe going on. I loved the oversized blazers with the rucked sleeves as well as the slouchy jumpers and trousers. Pure understated sexiness.

What were some of your favorite collections??


Anonymous said...

I see your style in these collections

fashionista said...

I loved Stella McCartney (the turquoise jumper!) and Karl Lagerfeld.

diamondsinchampagne said...

The turquoise blazer from stella is gorgeous. Love that colour.

My favourite so far from Paris was Lacroix, but i'm biased because I am obsessed with him as a designer with his past collections, and avant garde nature which makes him so fascinating to me. I love the corseted bodices, exquisite detailing and the shapes are extraordinary.

My favourite so far from the fashion weeks, was Milan. However cannot wait to see Chanel's collection and Louis Vuitton.

Don't Be A Hero said...

my fav collection was Kate Lanphear.


isn't she everybody's?

in all honesty, I paid much more attention to the shoes this season than the clothes :p gareth pugh, stella mccartney, yves saint laurent, marni and those soleless ones at Aminaka Wilmont are my faves.

Q8 fashionista said...

i loved YSL,Marni and balmain :)

copperoranges said...

i love the stella looks! it's an 80s throw back done right i think.

Anonymous said...

hey me again still waiting for u to answer my e-mail ... its about yr closet.PLEASE DO A POST WITH PICS OF YR ROM!!!
i have been asking for soooooo long!!!! please!!!
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Le Fashion said...

stella always has a great color palette for spring! I also loved the sparkled body suit :)

Liv/e in Both Senses said...

Love the masculine/feminine mix/clash. It's just awesome! They really do have to create a name for that trend, I haven't heard of one as yet.

I can definitely see you pulling these looks off. They're awesome.

P.S. Not sure if it transferred up, or down, but your mum has really cool style :)

mareGa said...

Te cortaste el cabellooooooooo!!!!!!!!! OMG! Si ya se que es asi como que me tarde en comentar e igual ya respondiste a este comentario pero bueno... te ves genial Karla!!!

The Stylish Wanderer said...

Haha. This is weird. I just did a post on YSL as well.......

SHOEBOX said...

I haven´t had the time to look through the shows since.. like monday? So I don´t know my favs yet. But I liked the looks you showed from YSL. Both him and Stella´s collection looks a bit like the eighties with th big shoulders and oversized blazer :)

ModeJunkie said...

you could easily walk in stella´s show. the oversized blazers? so YOU! ;)
and your mom looks so chic. very cool.

Marina said...

Stella, Balmain, Givenchy! and others you can see in my blog. YSL spring-summer 2009 don't strike me.

FASHION hearts ME said...

I really like Stella's collection.

Pose said...

love stellas collection, simple yet chic as always. I love love love Balmains collection, sexxyyy!

Dana (MODAna) said...

but how do you feel about YSL... without YSL?
I'm interested in hearing what you say.
PS YSL is also my fav designer, his mini Downtown (my mom has the large version) is my absolute fav bag, I'm wearing it in my last post

Cessa said...

I love the caged sandals in YSL, but I have to say my favourite collections were Andrew Gn, Viktor&Rolf, Sophie Kokosalaki and Hussein Chalayan. He (Andrew Gn) is one of my fav designers though. However, I do like Stella's oversized blazers and dressed, especially the teal one.

saray said...

I loved Stella McCartney..

MeryJane said...

i absolutelly loved the stella mccartney collection! she's always great!

The Stiletto Effect said...

Both collections are amazing, but I prefer YSL.
I'm linking you too, I love your blog.
You have a great sense of style girl!!!

Jagucha said...

Stella is also my favourite designer! I love the sexapeal in her clothes! and characteristic details. the latest thing I bougt iś her coat- the modern version of verry claasical thing, oversided ofcourse!

Mimi said...

YSL and Stella McCartney definately were one of my favorites.I loved these pure looks.Cacharel and Dries Van Noten were amazing too.

SheLovesHeels said...

YSL-The caged sandals are def. taking my breath away.
Stella- Loving the deep-v blazers and the draping oversized collars

GOLD said...

I loved Stella McCartney's collection.
My favourite out of what you pictured had to be the gorgeous white dress and peach blazer. Such a classic and chic look.

Madame Bavardages said...

I really like the Stella MC Cartney's collection, this brand is very chic feminie and wearable. Cacharel's liberty was very fresh

Val said...

Ah, these collections are so very you. Blazers galore.

I must say that I'm in love with the balmain collection (like every other blogger in the blogsphere).

Rebecca said...

I absolutely loved stella mccartney's collection. Beautiful. And balmain, of course was another favorite.

Taghrid said...

karla! ok so i didtn check your blog ina few days, and look what happened! your hair is amazing like this, you look older but so cool! good move :D

and these two collections are so your style, the ysl is amazing!

ok i have learned not to be absent for too long from here.


J'Adore Fashion said...

absoutely love stella mccartney's collection, balmain, karl lagerfield, ofcourse YSl--i can see myself wearing them all if i had walet for it :)

have a fab weekend!!!

Advo said...

I absolutely looooove your blog! Which is why, I am giving you the I-love-your-blog award. Read more on my blog ;P

Hot Bot said...

great picks. thanks for commenting :)
i love your new hair. i've always been partial to short hair.

maria-c said...

you are really cool, love your style!

Katie said...

i fell in love with the caged ysl sandals. they're so cool

Sophia Hardy said...

Sonia Rykiel was my favourite but i loved Balmain too (no surprise there). I wonder how much those caged sandals are...they're looking hot.

R said...

I also loved stella mccartney that tealish jumper was one of my fave pieces, the color is simply fab. I honestly had so many favorites, I dont even know how to narrow it.

Kenza said...

Charles Anastase was my favourite that season but YSL and Stella Mc Cartney are incredible too ! I'm so happy because the first Stella Mc Cartney shop will open soon in Paris !

indie said...

My favorites were Ann Dem and Jil Sander! Lots of other too from Paris.

Anonymous said...

what camera do you use?

lolita said...

All so good, Givenchy made me weak at the knees..

Seriale-modeuse said...

Balmain was quite perfect and also Dolce and Gabbana.

Denise said...

i love ysl's new collection! they have great dresses and shoes!

myriam said...

Hmm hard question! But I must say that I adore the Galliano collection (like always)!

xoxo said...

I love your blog! =)

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karla said...

Seems like quite a few of you were just as in love with Stella’s collection this season :)

don’t be a hero: Oh yes the shoes were pretty amazing this season!

anon9:27: Trying to get my closet re-modeled by christmas so I can do a closet tour!

marega: Gracias!!

the stylish wanderer: Ahhh YSL is brilliant!

dana (modana): I love YSL even if he isn’t designing anymore although the collections were better back in the 60-80s. I have this book filled with images of green fur shrugs, flamboyant dresses, and perfect oversized blazers. The book is heavenly.

anon3:46: I use a Canon XTi. Awesome camera for sure.

Anonymous said...

finally! someone who also loves stella mccartney.

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