Thursday, July 24, 2008

Inspiration Sensation

crazymess1-2-1.jpg picture by stylebook18
A mix between summer and winter. So perfect...


Dana (pron. like Donna) said...

whewww unflattering picture of Kate Moss from behind
I thought it was cute, the last post

buoy said...

i love your inspiration board here!
i can't wait for fall either...
also, love all the american apparel dressed you layer under things.
are they comfy? i've wondered about this (before investing in a bunch of new stuff i'll never wear :)

keep up the awesome pictures/style.
it's super inspiring!

Gal said...

How old are you? You look twenty-something.

Mimi said...

Very inspring.My favorite is the blue blazer and the whole outfit next to it.

Robin said...

Love it, It's perfect

Ida said...

The sweater with the belt is the highlight to me. And you've got such an eye for shoes. Love it!

Nita-Karoliina said...

kate moss is always a great inspiration source <3

thefashionhead said...

the naked lady is making me uncomfortable - haha kidding, lovely board. love the red lips, i've been thinking of trying this out...

and thanks for the link! i think its the first time anyone has linked to me! you'll always hold a special place in my blog history.

Belle said...

this totally displays your style, i adore it. the last post did make me giggle, you look unfairly good in glasses.

sophies day said...

that grey jumper...shorts...thing haha with the belt is delicious. as is that plaid dress. i can't actually wait till it gets colder and i can wear lots and lots of plaid :)

vix said...

I've always loved that picture of Kate wearing the striped jumper. Very inspiring inspiration board lol.

Luxe. said...

Kate looks amazing in the b/w pic

Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

what a fun post! i'm always torn between seasons since by the end of summer, i'm always yearning for big, comfy knits even when it's still terribly warm outside.

this wheel's on fire said...

love love love this! i also adored your alter ego!! hilarious =)

Magdalene said...

the shoes are great!
i love highheels. i'm 1,80 tall. so i'm often the biggest one at the party when i wear highheels:)

Joanna-s-style said...


I love Your blog !!!!!!!!!!!

Renee and Vera said...

Great inspiration, the girl with the head and 'nerdy' glasses looks so cute

LML said...

i spy audrey....

Marina said...

I love this board!I like to see such inspiration board, you are so creative. i love blue Stella McCartney jacket and all b&w photos. You are amazing girl with amazing sense of style!

Adiel said...

and giggle I did!

I keep wanting to wear clothing that is better suited for cooler weather than I'm currently enduring. It sucks.

The Stylish Wanderer said...

I have a question:
How do you make your collages, what program do you use?

B said...

Lovely inspiration!


I totally understand how much time life and blog takes, so take your time and live first !
it's only when you are zen and happy in your mind that you can do great things

it's 2 pm here in Paris and i plan a great day of street style shooting in the streets of Paris.
Summer is beautiful in Paris.
Have you seen the amazing style i shooted this week ?
I am sure you'll find lots of inspiration.

i'll be glad to keep in touch, drink wine, switch links ! lol

i wish you a great day Karla
keep on being stylish and silly !

cheers from Paris


Sophie said...


I have given you the Brilliante Weblog Premio 2008 award.

Check my blog


ramona west said...

great inspiration for fall transition.

Arielle said...

nice collage! I love the picture on the top right

♥ fashion chalet said...

Is that you in the bottom? ^_^ Cute.

Ashley said...

I just wanted to say *YOU are SUCH a FANTASTIC inspiration!*

Diabolina said...

loving all things bootie right now - tush and shoes ;)

emma said...

baby girl its summer, why do you have school work???

Lydia said...

Soooo i love Kate Moss's pompadour (oh how I love a good pomp!), her cropped jeans & black oxfords, and that red plaid dress. Gorgeous good!

Daiane said...

i like your style. do you want to make a link exchange? thanks!

Anonymous said...

Love it!

MJ said...

Hi Karla, question, I love your Zara short sleeve black/white dress. I saws it on ebay but I was wondering how they run and what size you got. Thanks!! Maegan said...

oh, some people will just never get it.

The New Look said...

Love the inspirations.

How do make collages like that?


yes yes, I love the mix. what I really want is to wear lace-y underthings layered with knits and topped with a structured jacket/blazer

karla said...

dana: ha that’s what I thought too! love her anyways.

buoy: i left a comment on your blog, but yes they’re super comfy!

gal: aw thanks, people always say I look younger...I’m 18.

nita-karoliina: yea she is!

thefashionhead: hahaha (I really laughed), you’re so sweet lady! let’s both try the red lipstick thing together- kind of scared of trying it alone.

belle: thanks precious!

cupcakes and cashmere: ugh I feel you- totally yearning for scarves and coats and it’s like 90 degrees outside. are we weird?

magdalene: ahh I wish I were taller!

the stylish wanderer: I use adobe photoshop, love it.

style and the city..: AHHH! you’re far too kind- I’ll check out the shoot you did!

fashion chalet: no haha, does it look like me?

ashley: thank you ashley, you’re quite the encourager!

emma: because my school is year-round! :(

mj: I believe I got a size medium because size small was too short.

the new look: I use adobe photoshop, it’s pretty awesome if I may say so myself.

something picasso: mmm that sounds quite delicious. I was thinking maybe like a nightie with an oversized “grandpa” sweater?

M said...

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