Thursday, July 17, 2008

Shoe Lust

SHOEFAVS1-2.jpg picture by stylebook18

Wanting/needing everything from thigh-high suede boots to bold platforms to studded booties. A girl can never have too many shoes!


Ana Mercedes said...

Argh! Who makes the black bootie with the laces and the buckle?

Raiment Urbane said...

I'm in love with the purple you know the brand?, I need them in my life.

Adiel said...

Those color block mary janes are on my must buy list.

Anonymous said...

Or is it so many shoes, too little money!
At least this is the situation I'm in. Sometimes I find a pair of amazing looking shoes dirt cheap but then they end up being so uncomfortable that the budget price isn't worth it.

What's your high heel secret regarding comfort? Gel insoles? Arch supports?

Anonymous said...

Do you make these graphics with photoshop?

we wear things said...

ah i love those zippered tan platforms...

Fashion Is Poison said...

my fav are the zippered CLs!!

Anonymous said...

i have those suede petula thigh boots. marni shoes are half off right now.

sophies day said...

ahh those marni's. i seriously need to win the lottery right now to take me out of my debt (due to shopping!) so i can get those shoes in my life. they'd just be so perfect with, well, everything

NICOLE said...

ooooo i love the new heading!!! verry niiice.... and i am a big fam of those oxfords... yes i am

Jennifer said...

The thigh-high boots & Marni's... Yum! I want them allllll!

Robo said...

Oh that is the story of my life, my friend. Many, many shoes to covet. I like the blue architectural-y wedges. Very fon-kay.

Marina said...

I want so many shoes. I need so much money!I want everything!!!!
P.S. I love your blog and add you to my blogroll.

Mimi said...

Every girl is obsessed with shoes!
Oh there are quite a few I'd like to own

elle said...

Yeah, welcome to the quandry of my life. Not enough good men, too many good shoes. Sigh.

GINA said...

So, I love those chestnut MARNI platform shoes!! They were basically 40% off at the MARNI store @ southcoast, I tried them on...unfortunately the heel & ball of the shoe were not very sturdy..but hey? a lot of my heels are that I suppose it'd be worth the purchase!

Poster Girl said...

I just love boots, I'm actually wearing some right now. When most people in so. Cal. wear flip flops, I'm in boots :) My favorites are the ones with platforms. BTW, I was admiring the hillsides in the backgrounds of some of your photos. Is that S.V.? I drive out there sometimes, it get scorching hot out there!

emmaholloway said...

Wow. I am in love with those black shoe boots. Those are gorgeous.

Love the new banner, by the way. You are stunning

emma x

entirely official said...

CLs are my favorite, but the more I see Marni the more they are growing on me

Anonymous said...

just so you know the first pair of shoes on this post ( the brown ones) chunky heel peep toe... you can find them at aldo on sale..... they nocked them off i purchased them today in black

♥ fashion chalet said...

Can they be my favorites too? ♥

WendyB said...

Those blue wedges!

Anonymous said...

hey karla, your blog is really amazing! i have a question: who makes those oxfords in the bottom left corner? tan ones... i love them!

karla said...

ana mercedes: To be honest with you, I’m still researching it- the brand is something Stuart, but when I find out if they’re available online, I’ll let you know!

raiment urbane: They’re nine west!

anon5:51: I have a huge arch as it is, so heels aren’t that uncomfortable for me. Some of my shoes have gel insoles by the toes because my foot is a bit wide.

anon6:15: yes indeed!

fashion is poison: They’re beautiful right? too bad they’re like 1,000- something dollars. ew.

sophie day: I know, they seem surprisingly versatile!

gina: Ugh, it’s so lame because Marni shoes fit my feet so weird, it’s a horrible thing :(

poster girl: Yes it’s Simi! and yes, I’m starting to hate the heat!

emmaholloway: thank you so much lady!

anon6:43: really?! I’ll check them out, thanks :)

fashion chalet: Duh they can be your favorites! They’re all heavenly right?

anon11:53: I believe United colors of benetton.

Blonde hair, Blue jeans said...

love the purple ones!

Rumi said...

I've been contemplating those orange-ish Marnis for weeks now. They still make my heart beat faster. Credit card in serious danger.

Anonymous said...

who makes the thigh high boots?

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