Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Daytime Sequins

Vintage cardigan, boy's khaki trousers, James Perse tee, and Steve Madden shoes.


Nelise said...


Cindy said...

i was wondering, how tall are you?

The style societe said...

So cute.
Hey Ive got this reciepe for you!

Chai Cocktail
Crushed Ice
30ml Baileys
1teaspoon Loose leaf chai
1/4 cup boiling water
1/4 cup of soy milk
1teaspoon honey
Cinamon/sugar mix

Put loose leaf chai in plunger, pour in boiling water and let sit for 5mins. Add milk, give plunger a little shake before straining over crushed ice in a tall glass. Add the baileys, honey and mix before sprinkling a fine layer of sugar/cinamon mix over the top.
Add a straw and voila! Trust me they are amaaaaazing!!!!

fashionlauncher said...

How funny:) Just like my outfit saturday (can be seen at chictopia and in my blog), only I chose to leave out the cardigan i wore for taking the pic! :p

What do you do with your hair? What shampoo etc? It always looks lovely <3

Farren said...

^^ i agree with the above. your always looks really nice!

discothequechic said...

hmm, you may be craving a chai tea, but i'm craving a cardigan just like yours!

the sequins.. sighh.
maybe something to do with the fact that i'm getting ready for college and am pondering what to wear..

Anonymous said...

simple yet effective. you have done it again karla!!

Robin said...

it's gorgeous and you have a great pair of sunglasses and it was so sweet that you linked me X

Sarah said...

the sequins look so nice!

Ania said...


Isa said...

thanks for linking!
that outfit is great, really. it looks really summery and light to me although it actually does cover a great part of your skin - maybe the fabric..
and that iced soy chai tea sounds delicious although I couldn´t do it without my daily caffeine overdose. I´m off to starbucks. ;)

July Stars said...

Wow, the vintage cardigan is so Balmain and I love it. I've been looking for something similar for ages! I like the sequins look by day, especially combined with those chinos! Great look

Rowena said...

That's such a great cardigan...

kathrin said...

I AM IN LOVE... with your cardigan! Absolutely amazing!! Such a fantastic buy! IT looks like you have amazing vintage stores in California! I flying over to LA at the end of August, can you give some recommendations on where to shop??? I need to start putting together a list of where best to shop! I am so excited, i really hope to purchase some amazing and different finds out in LA.

Thank you!



Citona said...

gorgeous jacket!!!

Belowen said...

Hot as always. Thanks for your comment and the info on your workout routine! <33

Luxe. said...

The jacket is so pretty and the shoes make me green with envy!

Fashion Tidbits said...

lovely sequins!!

cupcakes and cashmere said...

i love how you made sequins completely day-appropriate! i had always reserved them simply for night, but with your relaxed khakis, it's brilliant!

M said...

Love fashion but don't have the biggest budget? Check out this blog: http://wearfare.blogspot.com/

Ashleigh said...

would never have thouht to wear somethig like this in the day (sequins...) but it really does look great on you!

paloma said...

Loving cardigan!!!

Le Smoking said...


And I hope you don't mind me asking how old you are. I am curious :)

Milly75 said...

loving the cardigan...are those shoes still available at SM?...have to have them..like now!!..lol

knight-cat said...

i love you :)

elle said...

Girl, we need to do a shoe trade. I heart what you wear on your feet.

Congrats on the style on track thing too!

Poster Girl said...

Yum, chai tea is my favorite. When I first saw the title of your post, I thought you might be wearing Richard Chai. Anyways, sorry to hear about your maxi dress not fitting.

nikky said...

i love the clutch. where did you purchase it?

i also love your blog & finally just started my own. i would love to swap links: mine is

thanks & cheers!

Beka said...

You've taken what could have been just a typical, casual outfit, and made it very chic and edgy by pairing such incredible designs together. I never would have thought to wear a cardigan like that over the blouse you've chosen! And with those trousers no less! Well done!

shoebox said...

Wow, great outfit, love the shoes!
Thanks for your comment on my blog! :)
I´ve bought the grey trousers on hm.com, in the outlet-section of the swedish version of the site.
Maybe they have them on the american site as well? :)
They were really chaep, about $16 if I did the conversion correctly :)

GossipZ said...

I love your hair and the sunglasses!

Danz said...

Fab look! I'm totally coveting that cardigan and those heels!

Fashion Is Poison said...

I love you. That's all I can say.

B said...

Nice outfit


you're title instantly made me crave some chai tea ♥
you look so cute here, love this on you, and what is the secret for your shiny locks?
PS: Thanks for your comment, I love great vintage finds, so fun. Today I scored a Gucci sweatshirt!

Taghrid said...

you know, everytime i go vintage shopping i am sooo intrigued by the beaded pieces of art, such as this one. but im always scared to buy. you however, pulled it off quite nicely!

btw, i live over in granada hills but work in simi valley!

Anonymous said...

where was the maxi dress from??

Winnie said...

How do you always manage to look so flawless? Love this outfit.

Lil Midget said...

Excellent outfit! I love the jacket

xoxgoodbye said...

Which Marc by Marc bag is it? I was looking at shopbop.com, but I couldn't find the exact one.

Your'e So Fetch! said...

mm that cardigan is delicious.

Shen-Shen said...

I love your trousers!

Siljesfashion said...

Love sequins for day, you pull this of well. Such a great look!

Leila said...

Oh this outfit is beautiful !!!!!!!!

<<< my taste

karla said...

cindy: I’m 5’5 :)

the style societe: Although I don’t drink, perhaps I’ll try this drink without the Baileys. thanks!

fashionlauncher: I actually don’t really take good care of my hair (really bad I know). I use Aveda shampoo and conditioner, I get it toned about every 8 weeks, and an occasional bang trim. I also have to straighten it because it’s really messy wavy.

discothequechic: oh how I loathe getting ready for school in the early mornings!

kathrin: There’s a few vintage shops here in LA that I absolutely love: The way we wore, American vintage, and the rose bowl flea market are awesome.

le smoking: I’m 18!

milly75: Yes, I believe they are still available.

knight-cat: Awwwww! you’re so precious! :)

elle: thanks, you too!

nikky: I got it at a random Goodwill.

beka: thank you lady!

shoebox: Ugh, I checked the american site and sadly they don’t seem to sell any clothes online. :(

fashion is poison: Um exuse me, you’re amazing...let’s swap emails please.

fashion chalet: Not really any secrets haha. I used Aveda shampoo and conditioner and I get it toned about every 8 weeks. That’s about it...oh wait I used a detoxifying shampoo by Ojon. Really good.

taghrid: Ahhh where do you work?

anon3:54: I got it at a flea market. So sad it didn’t fit me properly :(

xoxgoodbye: I’ve actually tried searching for the model of my m by mj bag because others also wanted to purchase it, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. Trying searching for it on shopstyle.com and maybe you’ll find something similar you like :)

vogued out!!! said...

You wear those trousers so well, great outfit as always.

Betty said...

Omg, this outfit is perfect! I love ! <3

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