Thursday, May 8, 2008

Saturday Night Fever

Wearing Urban Outfitters tee and jeans, vintage beaded cardigan, and Bakers shoes.


Dotti said...

I'm in love with this look. Just as you said. And by the way: with your blog as well. Instantly put you on my roll for a daily dose.

karla said...

added you to my blog roll dotti!

Fleurr De Lux said...

STUNNING cardigan. That's lovely.

fashion* CHALET said...

I love great vintage finds. That cardigan is killer!

Aava said...

i m sorry for my bad english because i m french but i want to say that i m really in love with this jacket that are so fabulous!
you re wearing it with a lot of class
just "superb"

ps: i really like your blog
it inspired me

tres22 said...

That beaded cardigan is so sharp!!

tres22 said...

Oh, and if you would be sooooo kind (lol), could you add me to your blogroll Karla!?
Thanks so much if you decide.

J said...

in this picture you look like rachel bilson

Beauty 'N The Beat said...

i would love to buy that jacket from you at any price.

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