Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Inspiration Sensation

Cuffed jeans, burning bright colors, crisp gold, chunky collars, oxfords, overworn jean shorts, classic styles, and highwaisted denim

pictures: katemossonline.net, the sartorialist, style.com, aa


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Fashion Books said...

I know that there's just something about high-waisted denim for women. While not flattering for all, it really helps with the illusion of longer legs and small waist~

Rug Cleaning Los Angeles said...

It's a fact that cuffed jeans helps with making the legs appear longer. I think it's also widely popular because it really gives off the casual look.

Acting Classes Los Angeles said...

Classic styles are named as such for a reason, just like you said it's a sensation that will never end~

rv backup camera said...

I never thought I would turn to bright colors when I was young. But I find that bright colors can add that gorgeous burst of color with moderation.

Dentist West LA said...

So many people really do look to Kate Moss for fashion inspiration..

SEO Company Los Angeles said...

Time and time again you hear how accessories complete the outfit. It does add that special touch.

Air Purifiers said...

Nice collage of various styles! I feel like this is still in almost 4 years later.