Thursday, May 15, 2008

Glamourous Behavior


Wearing vintage dress, vintage Escada belt, and Vince Camuto ankle boots.


Robo said...

Regardless of properness and annoyed train passengers, that is one wicked outfit! I love the accordion skirt.

Thanks for stopping by my blog as well :)

Anonymous said...

very audrey hepburn!

pammish said...

im loving this.. it looks perfect for dinner dates i have in mind :)

lava said...

this is very classy and elegant but at the same time very fashion it!!

lava said...

whatever "casual" is defined however you want it to be!!

yiqin; said...

I am just like you! I wore this dress to school happily without noticing that it was see through! =/ I only noticed when my fellow classmate asked me how come I wore something so sheer. I

-h of candid cool said...

fabulous!! that belt & skirt is amazing

etoilee8 said...

This entry made me laugh so hard. I dress inappropriate all the time, it's like a skill of mine. Today my Mum asked me why I was wearing heels around the house and I replied "to do the dishes". She walked away looking confused, but at least I quieted her.

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Emmett Katherine said...

a potential wardrobe malfunction solved! love the skirt, but don't you hate when you leave the house only to realize there is something wrong with what you are wearing but you don't have time to turn back and change?