Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Casual Cool

Wearing vintage sweatshirt, American Apparel skirt, Nine West leather sandals, vintage Chanel bag, and Raybans.


Jennifer said...

Oh, that shirt is so great! Paired with the skirt and those shoes, I love it all. Especially the Chanel.

Rose said...

I've just realised your blog, man, you're my inspiration.


Anonymous said...

your style IS casual cool. Even when you wear a long flowy dress, you still have that casual feel to it

Anonymous said...

where'd you find a vintage channel..??

Suzie said...

you know I used to have this thing about black and brown together but you make it look so good!

Rumi said...

Umm LOVE this look. Every last thing about it. That is likely THE perfect vintage Chanel.

On Track said...

Hi Karla,
Thank you for your REALLY sweet comment on my blog, you are the sweetest girl, not to mention very stylin'

Would you like to trade links? I really adore your blog

Inspire Me Today.... said...

ohhh emmm gee i love this look!

Nita-Karoliina said...

somedays i got exactly similar responses!!:D

Fashion Tidbits said...

what are your fave shoes now?

Sharon Rose said...

Wow-you totally rock in this outfit-love it all-particularly the vintage chanel!!

Miss at la Playa said...

I want the 2.55!!! I'm jealous! :D

Closet Kisses said...

u have AMAZING style! I love it!

Ida said...

Wow, amazing! The top, the skirt, the shoes, and the Chanel... You look gorgeous! - Street style & Fashion weeks in Paris said...

i just discovered your blog : a great one


i am from Paris and created Style and the City, a new way to humanize fashion with photo romances

and monday i just met Sarah Jessica Parker.

let's keep in touch !

street style romancer in Paris

Unwise Pedestrian said...

Perfectly simple chic! P.S. Do you dye your hair? 'Cause I'm desperate for that colour... So if you do, pleeeease let me know what dye you use :)

Always In Style said...

Love those platforms, and great blog btw, I've added you to my Stylish Friends links :-)

Skye said...

uh I like every piece of it. totally perfect! oh Karla, I tagged you =) You can check my blog for further informtion!

Pamcasso said...

so lovely!! it sort of reminds me, when my 4 inch gladiators arrived my mom thought they looked like they belonged on a motorcycle! Then she went shopping and saw all of them, and sort of understood. I think it's sad that people don't dress up more.

Fashion Ivy said...

Hey thanks for visiting my blog. Would u like to link?

STARR said...

I LOVE this outfit!
its so effortless and chic

you've got gorgeous style. really inspirational<3

do you mind if I link you on my blog?

Luxe. said...

You look amazing! How have I never stumbled upon your blog before?!

Kira Fashion said...

hi Karla!

i just adore your style!!!
you are amazing, love the short + blazer combinations and that skirt is awsome!

about chanel, of course i recommend, or if you are looking for something more cheap try MAC or Maybelline New York that is good too :)

let´s exchange links?
you are already at my blogroll ;)

a kiss,
see you!


karla said...

jennifer/rose: THANK YOU!

rumi: haha, it is quite lovely except for the fact that it fits like a cell phone and a credit card.

nita-karolina: I'm sure there's a skirt like this somewhere out there! you just got to look! or you can order it from mine is actually the tube top dress, rolled down to make a highwaisted mini :)

fashion tidbits: hmmmm tough question, probably my extra strappy black patforms. a) they're surprisingly comfortable and b) they're soooo beautiful! haha

sharon rose/miss at la playa/ closet kisses: ahhh thank you so much ladies!! sarah jessica parker?! what?! she's my absolute favorite sex and the city characterrr!

unwise pedestrian: um well actually I had an accident where I attempted to dye my hair myself resulting in freakin bright orange hair. so I went to the salon and dyed it a sort of AUBURN color and added some blonde highlights ( mostly at the ends of my hair)

skye: I'll write six quirky things about me as soon as I can! haha

pamcasso: hahaa the other day I told my mom she should wear my givenchy look-a-like heels and she refused stating " I'll look like a motorcycle woman".
Also, I think people SHOULD dress up.. it actually makes you feel good you know?

kira fashion: linked you lady!
on track/unwise pedestrian/fashion ivy/starr: linked you ladies!

TPWP said...

HA HA HA, the same exact thing happened to me when I went to the dentist today!! She said "so you're walking around in those heels for no specific purpose?" I smiled and said "yeah, no purpose at all"


I added you to the list of blogs on my site and named you "Refined California Style" :) I thought you'd like it :)

emma said...

nice shoess, are they wedges?

fashion* CHALET said...

Your blog is awesome!
Am linking it now! :)

karla said...

emma: nope they're heels.. so comfortable!

fashion chalet: linked you back!

annabananna said...

wow, just love your outfit! the skirt works great with the shirt, and the shoes and bag are so funky :)

runway today said...

you look great and don't mind the therepist! ;-)

Runaway Gallery said...

i love how your style is so refined chic

Val said...

I loveeee the shoes. They're pretty killer. I just ordered some skirts from AA (the interlock). I really hope they're not too short. Yours looks perfect! :]

NigerianDramaQueen said...

Love the vintage chanel. It is hauteeeee. Infact, I looked at your pictures and you have a g8 sense of fashion and a great blog! Thanks for stopping by my yours!

Cammila said...

Thank you for the lovely comment! It made me smile and it was a very effective (if unintentional) method of getting me to check our your blog and totally fall in love with your style! Those shoes are killer. They ARE physical therapy. Or at least fashion therapy.

JuliAM said...

i think they would still be my favorite shoes. and great really sets off the outfit. btw: would you like to exchnage links?!

Wendy said...

I just discovered your wonderful blog and you are really inspiring!

The Stylish Wanderer said...

omg I LOVE it, your on my link list now. I <3 your blog!

Nay'Chelle said...

Nice shoes. Oh, and I like your blog. Very nice.

Lindsay said...

ugh! I hate it when people ask me why I'm dressed up, when it's the middle of the day and I'm just wearing what I'm wearing. Every once in a while I wonder if people think I'm trying to hard or something...when I just like my high wedges.

Anonymous said...

oh.. u look fab!!

JuliaFuentez said...

me encanto tu bolsa como no tienes una idea :]

Fluxor said...

I love this look! The shoes and the bag are so fab. <3 I answered your question in my blog about the suede platform booties. They are by Bullboxer. Ebay is hard to find stuff but you should try store called Threedifferent on Ebay. I bought very similar looking Fendi boots (can be found from my blog as well) as the suede ones but in normal black leather. Also Jessica Simpson has boots like that around. :) Good luck with the platform bootie hunt! I know it can be hard and very frustrating...

ps. I will be bloggin in English very soon so check my Finnish page in the following weeks for info. :)

karla said...

nigeriandramaqueen: aw thank you lady!

cammila: glad I made you smile... by the way love your pixie. I want to cut my hair super short, but I'm afraid I'll look like my brother or something haha

juliam/ stylish wanderer: linked you ladies!

lindsay: yea i feel the same way. I feel like people think I'm trying to make a statement when I'm frolicking the streets in heels.

juliafuentez: GRACIAS!

fluxor: oh thank you so much, I'll check out the websites you recommended. The search part 2 begins! And yes I'll check it, just inform me when it's up and running!

emmaholloway said...

I'm determined to hate you. Your outfits are actually makign my jaw drop.

emma x

Madame Izma said...

I really like this outfit! it's gorgeous but kinda casual, not to dressed up to me too ;-)

Jenny said...

Love this, everyting about the outfit is perfection!

Amie said...

I LOVE this:)

Rachie-Pie said...

one day I will own a chanel bag like that!!

sam. said...

just found your blog...your outfits are AMAZING :) i especially love your simplicity with your accessories. you don't overdo the jewelry etc.

Anonymous said...

average woman? thats insulting how do you know shes not at home mixing up outfits of her own or painting or making crazy music!
she probably isnt used to people coming to therapy looking like their ready to go out a date
and it seems almost like a compliment due to you because she was surprised how nice you looked but noo you have to call her average sometimes you seem like rude

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