Friday, May 16, 2008

BoyStyle: Adrian Deras

Look how cute my baby brother is!


suri said...

i just fell in love with him, wish he was older ;-)

Aurora said...

wow he's dead cool

fashion* CHALET said...

Very nice choices!
I love dressing people up :)

Ane said...

how old is he? I need to show this to my 12 year old brother, he can learn from this fella

nv said...

that kid is adorable?! is he your little brother? I'm going to show this to my little cousin :) who loves to be stylish but not a hypebeast haha

Anonymous said...

Wow he's got some great clothes! You don't see many "younger" guys with style like old is he??

karla said...

nv: yes, my precious little brother

anon11:25: He's 13 :)

s.a.a. said...

Now I have been looking for a stylish looking guy about my brothers age for a while so that I can show him what he should dress like and finally here it is!!!!!

Thank you


Lydia said...

Well I just bet your whole family dresses really well ! Is stylishness in genes ?

Emma said...

Wooooow! I wish my boyfriend dressed like that. How old is he?

emelie said...

gosh hese so cute, Im 13 to and Im from sweden here the boys in my age are pretty regulur I realy wish we had som like your brother

sophie said...

so does he have a blog?? my 17 year old brother could learn something from him:P

Anonymous said...

incredible. how old is he? seriously, 20 year old guys can't even dress as well as your brother.

Nordia said...

he looks JUST like the boy from the "Naked Brothers Band"

Anonymous said...

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J said...

he´s cute

J said...

i'll marry him

Shireen said...

awww! he's adorable! LOVE LOVE LOVE his style

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Fashion Books said...

Haha you are such a great influence!! I can definitely see how the girls will be falling for him.

Rug Cleaning Los Angeles said...

He's so young, but thanks to you dresses so well. Definitely lucky

Acting Classes Los Angeles said...

Lol definitely the cool kid. He must be proud that he won the award thanks to his big sis.