Sunday, May 18, 2008

100 Degrees

It was unbelievably hot today. Way too hot to wear anything else besides a t-shirt and shorts. 


Ragamala said...

that outfit is a great way to beat the heat! especially in this horrible heat!

Pamcasso said...

Love the outfit! The shoes are really fun!

bear said...

those shoes are so fab! and i love your dress up top. im so happy that i just stumbled upon your blog!!

stilettostetico said...

AND an "HOT-isssime" Refreshing Wind (delightful paradox), full of expressive, mischievous casualness !!!

Cordially, Antoine

Tavi said...

I love it! The aviators are the perfect color and everything. Where did you get them?
This blog is great, adding it to my links right away.

kitty kate said...

it is so freakin cute. i'm going to copy this look tomorrow at work:)
luckily i already have all these items!

karla said...

tavi: added you to my blog roll lady!

kitty kate: oooh your outfit will be so perfect for this ridiculous climates!

The Clothes Horse said...

I love those shoes.

Danz said...

Great shoes! Your blog is really cool, would you like to link?

karla said...

tazi: I got them on amazon. com! They're raybans so you can pretty much find them anymwhere!

danz: Thanks! Just linked you lady.

.: Vintage Treasure Box :. said...

This serie of pics is really great! Nice outfit, kinda easy-going-sexy look, great! :)

Robin said...

Love it, love it and I love your haircut

Madame Izma said...

I love this kind of outfit, perfect for summer, I wore almost a similar outfit yesterday but with my lovely Minnetonka booties lol. you look soo cute on the last pic!

Zoe said...

i hate the horrible, horrible heat. oh and i have that bag in brown! LOVE IT. marc by marc jacobs is wonderful!

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