Wednesday, April 23, 2008

It's Raining Shoes

I'm recovering from a recent knee injury and I can't wait to start wearing all of my shoes again!


Anonymous said...

Love the fashion on your site ! Got any picks of Millionaire Sunglasses?!

Anonymous said...

you dont look 5'5"

more like 4'11"

Marie said...

lol, i agree. based on her pics, i thought she was super tiny. i was surprised to come back to her first post and see that she's 5'5"! maybe it's just the angle the pics are taken at.

keri said...

i just learned about the cothurni from my theater class a couple of weeks ago, Greeks are just amazing!!!

Karen said...

The shoes in the first picture are fricking amazing

rethinkingpink said...

Take this as a true compliment: I just spent the last TWO DAYS OF MY LIFE going through every single post on your blog. I've finally reached the first one (phew!)

You are gorgeous and have a great sense of style. The haters and body snarkers can all go to are awesome!

Please recommend my (new) site if you like it!

Thanks so much!


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Bionica said...

girl I am totally feeling these cothruni
they look totally fab in pink & black ;-)


NAH said...

Wow! I'm absolutely impressed! Ive spent the past 3 months going over blog after blog and this is BY FAR my fave. I went through every single post (glad i'm not the only one--except i took 3 days (darn husband needing attention lol))
I so much enjoyed watching how your style has evolved and matured from teens to twenties. you're absolutely beautiful and i'm inspired!
thank you

Sophia's Suitcase said...

Karla! I've been raving through your blog for so long and I think I am obsessed! Your style is amazing, I'm jealous :) I LOVE YOU KARLA!
Check my blog out, it's new and I am only young but it would be magnificent to have an amazing blogger like you to follow me, or check me out!
You inspire me!
xoxo, Sophia!

Sunny Side-Up said...

"Beautiful shoes take you beautiful places...."


We are having a debate whether it's the girl, the outfit, the designer or the photographer that make it work so well, i think it's you :-) european escorts London

Barry said...

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jovic said...

like the other fellow, I dedicated the rest of the holidays after Christmas to peruse thorugh your blog Karla. It seems just the kick I needed to get me back into blogging!

Your blog is DOPE!

Fashion Books said...

Oi... all of these shoes are amazing!!! I agree, if I had the funds I would totally invest in a closet devoted to shoes... and bags.. and clothes... you get the drift

Rug Cleaning Los Angeles said...

Definitely love all those shoes, but if I had to pick, my favorite would be the second to last ones. There's just something about the grecian+roman inspired look.

Acting Classes Los Angeles said...

Oh... those shoes in the first image are just... divine!!! If only I had the funds to make all of these mine.

rv backup camera said...

If only I could run away with those beautiful shoes...

Dentist West LA said...

Nice choice with all of these. I want them too :9

SEO Company Los Angeles said...

I like all of these shoes. But I can't help but think that the ones in the middle remind me of a uniformed guard costume!

Air Purifiers said...

The last ones are probably my least favorite pair of them all.

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